Friday, December 21, 2018

Made It Barely.

By Gate C-5 in the Anchorage, Alaska Airport.
 I made it out of the village yesterday, barely.  The plane was due to come around 1:30 or 2:00 but nothing was heard so I called the agent and got told flights were on hold due to mechanical issues while another person got told it was weather.

I finally called the main office and found out the temperature dropped much lower than expected causing some of the electronics to fry including some autopilot systems.

The gal checked and the Caravans they used on our run were both down and no one knew for sure when they'd be up.  Talk about panic!.  We were checking with the other airline because their plane was due soon if there was space but they weren't sure and I couldn't make a reservation online. 

So a bunch of us hung out in the school office, watching the planes on the program so we'd see if and when one of the airlines headed out to our village but nothing seemed to be heading our direction. We paced.  We hoped.  We prayed and the other airline wasn't sending anything our way so we were happy.  Then around 3:30, we got word, our plane was due in around 4:15 but the other folks hadn't heard anything yet.

I think it was about 15 minutes later, they other group received word of departure set for 4:45.  So one of the folks had decided to go work in her office rather than "wasting time" sitting around and when it was time to head up with both groups, she got left behind.  Fortunately, she was on the later flight so after we got dropped off, they went back to get her and her two dogs.  Due to her flight being later, she missed her connecting flight so she had to rebook with another airline but couldn't get out due to having two dogs with her. She was forced to wait for the next day.

One guy who was on our flight, managed to get on his connecting flight by having some of us take his luggage with us on the larger airlines so he didn't have to rebook on a different airline and pay more money.  We didn't mind helping him out because we all work together.  In the meantime, we had about two hours to wait for our flight so we ordered dinner which took one hour to get to the airport.

The airport is kind of weird in that it has security set up so only 35 people can go through before the waiting room on the other side is filled and then they pause security until the plane is ready to be boarded.  Its fun because the place is so small that its hard to tell where the lines are for security, check-in, and luggage pick-up are because they cross each other.

Eventually, we got loaded and made it to Anchorage around 10:15 last night.  I got my luggage, hopped a shuttle, checked in,  and after a hot cup of tea, I fell into bed until I had to get up for the airport.  It was only as I checked in, I discovered the fight is delayed by two hours.

As you can see, I am seated at my gate, waiting for the flight taking me to my final destination till after Christmas when I head for Cabo to enjoy a nice week in the sun and surf.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.

Have a great day.

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