Monday, August 5, 2019

Arrived In The Middle of a Storm.

I arrived to my new teaching position on Friday afternoon.  The plane was about an hour late but the ride left a bit later than normal.  When I got to the village, there was a significant wind blowing rain everywhere.  I didn't even get my stuff that was stored at school.  I told my lift, I'd prefer to get it on Saturday.  It was still windy as anything but it wasn't bad.  

I took the above photo Saturday afternoon while the wind was still blowing water from the ocean so it felt as if I were getting pelted by shards of something sharp.  This is the bay just past the road in front of my apartment.

The picture above was taken at the harbor where fishing boats come in and unload fish to be processed. The processing plant is the red building in the background.  I wouldn't be surprised if people could go there and pick up frozen salmon and other fish.

 The above picture was taken Sunday afternoon almost 24 hours after the first one.  The storm passed by and the sea is so much calmer.  My ride said this was the worst storm the town has seen in a very long time.

 The picture above is what the harbor area looks like under normal circumstances.  The storm brought the water up so high, those blue containers were under water.  Most people drove around the village, checking to see how high the water was.  It was a big difference.
This is the regional sub-clinic which means it has doctors rather than health aids and there is a dental clinic.  This is the place people come who are in surrounding villages if their clinic can't handle it and they come here to get their teeth done.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  I have most of my stuff unpacked.  I'm just breaking down boxes and finishing off the last few things.  Have a great day.

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