Thursday, August 8, 2019

Odd Color Names.

Color Swatches, Design, Graphic DesignI hate shopping for paint or even clothing because they often have strange names for colors I learned by different names.  For instance, someone once showed me this peachy orangish color I thought was salmon but I was quickly corrected that it was nectarine.  It looked salmon to me but who am I to argue with the person wearing it.

Another time, I found this cool light pink paint for the bathroom.  I bought it and once I had the bathroom repainted, the pink only showed when the light reflected off the walls, otherwise it looked white.

There are names of colors out there which refer to specific shades but ones you've probably never hear of.  For instance, Sarcoline is a flesh color often found in high heels, blends in with your skin color so your legs look longer.  On the other hand, you might want to paint your shed Smaragdine which is an emerald green color.

Mikado in this case is not the name of a Japanese emperor or comic opera but rather a bright bold yellow while Glaucous is a powdery blue dating back to 1671 and originally referred to the powdery blue grey residue found on grapes.  The nice thing about Wenge is that it hides dirt well due to being a dark wood brown with coppery undertones.

Then there is Fulvous, a lovely brownish yellow while a Xanadu describes the grey green color found on a philodendron leaf.  You could always paint your room a beautiful Coquelicot or the reddish orange color of a poppy flower.  Razzmatazz is a pink half way between red and magenta when you look at color wheel.  This color was given to us by Crayola in 1993. Feldgru on the other hand is the grayish green color of German Uniforms from 1907 to 1945.

Of course you could always find a dress in Australien, a color described in 1897 as a rusty color similar to the Australian outback.  Some places have painted the walls of their jails a Drunk Tank Pink due to its calming influence.  A darker shade of pink, often referred to as Lusty Gallant, is similar to a coral pink.  Then there is Amaranth the color of that pink bubble gum you used to chew as a child.

Don't forget Puke which is a dark brown and believed to have come from a Shakespearean play while Watchet is a very pale blue, almost a sky blue but named after the color of the cliffs near Watchet, England.  Nattier, a deep shade of slate blue is named after an artist who used in many of his paintings including his "Lady in Blue".

There are so many other names of colors which historical significance, or named after plants, rocks, or minerals out there.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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