Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Alternatives To Black Or Brown Eyeliner

 I am rather conservative in the makeup I wear.  I usually go for a muted brown eyeliner so I don't stand out.  If I use black eyeliner, I tend to have a very thin line so it's barely there.  I admit, there are days when I want to break the mold and try something different.

I came across the idea that you should coordinate your eye shadow with your eyes.  When you use black eyeliner, you only define the eyes and create a look but with colored eyeliner, you are adding depth and sparkle. 

For instance, if you have blue eyes, a great neutral eyeliner would be either Taupe or champagne. These colors intensify your look but if you want the blue in your eyes to stand out, look at using gold, copper, or peach. In addition, these metallic tones pick up any gold flecks you have in your eyes adding an interesting dimension. Other possibilities include terracotta and warm browns.

On the other hand, if you have brown eyes, you possess one of the most common eye colors in the world and you can use most any color eyeliner. You might try a navy eyeliner because it looks softer than black and will pick up the gold flecks in your eyes. As a change, look at using a deep midnight blue, cobalt, bright purple, a beautiful emerald green, grey, or charcoal. If you have flecks of green or blue in your eyes, choose a complementary color to bring them out. If you have light brown or amber, you want to stick with a super dark color or a deep purple for the best look.

For green eyes, look at using a golden brown to enhance the flecks in your eyes while brightening the eyes. For emphasizing the color of your eyes, look at using a plum purple but if you want to stay with a brown or black eyeliner, layer on some plum to soften the other colors.  Other colors that work well are Burgundy and Mahogany, amethyst, eggplant, and violet add that little bit of extra flash to your look.

Since hazel eyes are a mixture of brown and gold tones, you might want to use a golden olive color to accentuate their glow. If you use an olive or emerald green, you'll bring the greener tones as well as eggplant, plum, or a steel grey.  If you prefer to bring out the natural browns, choose a chocolate, bronze, or copper. On the other hand, if you want to add a bit of  pizzaz, try either a peach or magenta liner.  For a night time look, top the green or brown eyeliner with a bit of gold in the corner of the eye and in the center.

For the few people who have grey eyes, you need a rich warm color such as warm browns and vivid Burgundy. More specifically, if you use a terracotta shade or a bright yellow, you'll emphasize the bluer shades whereas wines, purples, and red-violets emphasize the grayer tones of the eyes. However, if you prefer to emphasize your eyes try using a pearly white or silver eyeliner instead. 

So if you are ready for a change or just want to experiment, here is what you need to know.  Have fun, enjoy yourself and go for it.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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