Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Types Of Nail Polish

 I love wearing nail polish when I'm at work or heading out for a nice dinner but it doesn't work when I'm trying to work in the garden.  Yes, I know gloves exist but I have this bad habit of misplacing them and so I have to redo my nails so many times in the summer and I often give up until fall.  It's always nice to know the types of nail polish so you can use the one that is best for your situation.

First is the basic type of nail polish. This is the general one most people use when they paint their nails.  It goes on but doesn't last that long and it is the one you get when you buy the cheapest variety. It seldom lasts a week before it begins chipping.  When I use it, I usually end up with chipped nails within two days.

Next is gel polish which is the one the nail technician tends to use or you might use it at home but either way, it relies on the use of an Ultraviolet light to harden it. A gel polish tends to lasts around two weeks and it is good for extending your nail shape.

Then there is an acrylic nail polish which is made from a combination of liquid and powder.  The mixture is applied to bare nails and allowed to dry.  When it dries, it forms a hard shell that is then filed into the desired shape and lasts about 2 weeks.

There is also a breathable polish.  This type of polish allows oxygen and water pass through because it does not form a hard shell.  The polish is labeled as water permeable if you are looking for it at the store.  It is recommended that you go without nail polish periodically otherwise, it can stain the top layer of your nail if it is left too long and it will also dry your nails out.  Unfortunately, this could cause fungus, yeast, bacteria, or mold to grow beneath the nail plate. Breathable nail polish is for those who cannot go without a manicure or pedicure.

Next is polygel which is a hybrid of both the acrylic and gel.  This is one often used by nail technicians to give you a flawless finish.  The gel like mixture is applied with a gel brush to the top of the bare nail before being shaped and cured under either an LED or UV light. It can last up to 21 days without doing anything. 

Another type is the dip polish which is another choice provided by nail technicians and also lasts between three weeks to a month. The nail technician will apply a base coat of polish before sprinkling a powder on the polish.  The excess is shaken off before more is applied until it has a solid covering. The dip polish is finished off with a layer of clear powder and a final sealant to keep it all nice.

The final type of polish is actually shellac which is a hybrid mix of basic and gel.  It is applied to bare nails before being cured with a UV light. It cannot be used to extend the shape of your nail but it does last about two weeks.  

So hopefully this will help you decide which type of polish you want to try.  Someone told me about a press on nail finish that decorates them so you don't have to use nail polish.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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