Monday, January 3, 2022

Types Of Eyeliner.


I don't know of anyone who doesn't use eyeliner when they want that complete look but the type of eyeliner determines the look.  I prefer liquid as I can get that very narrow line but it seems to run out when least expected but I know others who prefer a eyeliner pencil since it gives a softer line.  Today, with the new year, I decided to go over all the different types of eyeliner, some of which I need to experiment with.

First is the eyeliner pencil which is best for a beginner because they are quick and easy to use. Eyeliner pencils can either require a sharpener to keep the tip useable or resembles a mechanical pencil also known as a retractor eyeliner, where you pop out the old lead and use the new one. Unfortunately, the liners you have to sharpen, must be sharpened every time you use it so you get a nice line. Usually the eyeliner itself is creamy so it glides on your lash line smoothly. 

Next is the liquid eyeliner which is great for creating bold, dramatic looks. This eyeliner allows you the most precision, while giving you the ability to do lines that range from extremely thin, to quite wide such as in the photo. The liquid eyeliner is best for creating Egyptian eyes, cat eyes, winged eyeliners, and graphic eyeliners. Since it is a liquid, it is harder to use and requires a steadier hand. It does dry quickly and isn't as easy to smudge as other eyeliners so don't use it for a smokey look. On the other hand, the liquid eyeliner comes in a gloss or a matte so choose the one you need for your look.

If you want an eyeliner that combines the best of the liquid and pencil versions, look at trying a pen eyeliner. The pen eyeliner has a fine tip which allows the option of creating a precise line but is easy to use even for a beginner.  Pen eyeliners are often smudge proof and smear proof and can come with a fine felt tip for application. 

Then there are gel eyeliners that come in little pots of color and are applied by using an angled brush.  These can be intimidating at first but with a bit of practice, you can get a really awesome line.  In addition to defining the eye lash line, they can also double as an eye shadow base when applied all over the lid or be applied to the corner of the eye for a smokey eye look.  Most gel eyeliners have a high wax content so they are waterproof and long lasting. In order to remove it, you'll need proper eye makeup remover since it is waterproof. You can create different looks by varying the angle of the brush and the thickness of the gel.  Furthermore, gel eyeliner gives a softer less precise look than a liquid eyeliner.

You might run across a creme eyeliner which is always smooth and soft.  Both the creme and gel eyeliners are designed to be used only on the top lashes, not the bottom ones.  The creme eyeliner comes in either a pot or pencil form and when used provides a more natural look. If you buy the creme eyeliner in a pot, you need to make sure it has a brush to apply it. Furthermore, creme eyeliners are used more frequently than gel liners but do not last as long as the gel ones.

One can also use eyeshadow to provide a soft, smudged look by applying the eye shadow with an angled brush along the lash lines. Although this is more of an eyeshadow hack, it can be used for that specific look.  So now your know about all those possibilities and you can explore the different types of eyeliner to see which one works best in which situation.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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