Monday, July 11, 2022

Finally Got Covid!


Due to my job and to the fact, I love to travel, I have been vaccinated and taken advantage of both booster shots.  In fact, I had my last booster in May, just before I took off on my summer travels.  On this trip, I attended a conference before taking a nice week in Fiji to enjoy the sun and beaches.  

One of the requirements of the conference was that everyone had to be vaccinated and you had to wear masks in the Conference center.  So I wore a mask at all the events and in the conference center. The only place I didn't fully wear my mask was at meals and I usually ate with others.  

I ended up with a minor drippy nose I attributed to sleeping in too cold a room (I couldn't move the temperature up) or possibly allergies.  In fact, I controlled it with my usual cold meds.  The nose would quit dripping and I was fine.  I never had a fever and I could always taste my food.  Everyone I knew who had Covid, always commented on losing their sense of taste.  Honestly, since the drippy nose only lasted a couple of days and was controlled by meds, I assumed my allergies were acting up.

After the conference, I headed to Seattle so I could start my trip to Fiji.  In order to travel to Fiji, I had to be vaccinated and up to date on the boosters.  I had to have travel insurance, and I had to preregister for a Covid test to be taken within 72 hours of arrival.  I made sure I did everything I was required to do and took off.  Of course we had to fill out a form listing all the Covid symptoms so I happily checked no, I didn't have those symptoms.  Since even my drippy nose was minor, I was absolutely confident that I didn't have COVID.

I stayed at a hotel that had people come in for one hour every morning to test the new arrivals.  Since my flight from San Francisco ended up being delayed, we missed the time period to get the test taken upon arrival.  So after checking into the hotel and setting into my very nice room, I walked down to the grocery store and picked up a few things like fruit, yogurt, and wonderful cream buns.  Last night, I went out to dinner at the hotel restaurant, and then to bed.

Since I had to take the test bright and early in the morning, I got up, took care of getting the extra paperwork done and got the test done bright and early.  When I didn't hear anything by 11 or so, I went ahead and booked a couple of tours so I could see something. Then just before one, someone came to tell me, I'd tested positive.  Apparently, they had tried to contact us by phone but the volume on the phone in the room was so low I couldn't hear it ring and when they checked it, they discovered the volume couldn't be made any louder.

So anywhere, I have to stay in the room but because I'm staying at a resort, I can go sit out on the front porch of the small bungalow building.  I have to order in my meals in via a representative of the hotel, put things like towels out if I need them changed out, and just hang around for the next few days.  In a couple of days, we'll be retested and hopefully the results will be negative so I can see a bit of the island, otherwise, I'll chalk it up as a typical resort holiday.

Honestly, I never thought I had Covid since I never, ever, ever, lost my sense of smell and only had a small drippy nose.  Just the drippy nose is not enough for anyone to assume they have Covid.  I had no fever and didn't have any of the other symptoms.  I guess I as almost asymptomatic.  I'll be back to regular topics next time.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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