Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The stars, the moon, and space

The Pleiades Star Cluster, StarI got back from class last night and in my e - mail was a lovely announcement  from the Make Store with a list of things on sale.  Several items caught my attention but the build your own planetarium kit stole my interest.  Think of it!!!!  You don't have to wait for a clear night, you don't have to even to have darkness outside.m Yeah!

It called to me so I decided  to spend a bit of money (just under $8.00) for the kit.  The best time to watch the stars in Alaska is in the middle of winter when there is a lot of darkness.  On the other hand,  it's extremely cold and I hate being outside when its -30 or -40.  Yuck.

Space, Science Fiction, Cosmos, Blue A planetarium would allow me to turn my bedroom into the outdoors with the stars projected on the ceiling and upper walls.  The projector even lets you check out the star placement in what ever season you want.  Furthermore, if you want to see what the stars look like in Florida, or Hawaii, you can make minor adjustments and voila you have it.  Unfortunately, its only set to view the northern hemisphere.

I'm disappointed because I've lived in the southern hemisphere and I remember viewing the southern cross.  Ohhh well. The best thing is I can build it myself and  enjoy a beautiful starry night, anytime I want.  Cooooooolllllll!!!!!!!!

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