Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem which translates as "Seize the Day!" is something my mother was talking about the other day.  I grew up moving around, living in a variety of places for different lengths of time.  My mother said that too many people wait to follow their dreams until after they retire and by then, they may not have much time available to enjoy life.
Australia, Shipwreck, Coast, BeachSo when they had the chance, my parents moved us all to Australia because my father had always dreamed of going.  He didn't have a job, had never lived overseas but he'd always wanted to go.  So one June, we packed the essentials, sold off or gave away the rest and went.

Australia, Map Of The World, World, MapI have always played it safe.  I've really never moved somewhere without a job, never been willing to totally step outside my comfort zone to live my dreams.  So, I've made up my mind that in 5 years, I am going to take a huge leap and follow my dreams!  Yeah!

The only problem is that I have several different dreams and I have to decide which ones to pursue.  Some are not mutually exclusive.
I want to:
1. Write books for a living.
2.  Have a garden large enough to have produce to sell at the farmers market.
3.  Start a business.
4.  Try out for "So You Think You Can Dance!" (I can dance, just not well enough to make it past the cattle call.)
5.  Buy a house of my dreams or build it.  I don't know which one yet.
6.  Take up 10 K runs.
7.  Take a train all over Europe.
8.  Go on a photo journey to Africa.
9. Create some best selling apps for mobile devices.
10. Going to Tahiti, or Bali, or other tropical area and spending some time living there.

Will I do all 10 things on my list?  Who knows but the future offers so many different possibilities and only time will tell.

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