Monday, October 17, 2016

11 Cool Uses for Used Coffee Grounds.

Coffee, Coffee Ground, Food, Beverage  What do you do with your used coffee grounds once  you've finished brewing your coffee?  Do you throw them away all nice and moldy?  Or do you use them around the house?

My mother just tosses them in the trash but it seems such a waste when they could be reused in another capacity.  I've got just the thing for you.  Check the following list to see if any of these ideas strike your fance.

1.  Take the grounds, put them in a bowl, and slide the bowl into the fridge or freezer to help eliminate those funny odors.  You know the smells made by those green science fair projects.

2. Use a few teaspoons of grounds on a thin cloth to help remove grease and grime.  Be sure to rinse well.

3. If you want your stationary to have that antique look, just dip the paper in a mix of grounds and water for a minute or two, dry, and brush the grounds off.

4. Placing a ring of coffee grounds around the edge of plants to protect them from ants and slugs.

5. Coffee grounds can be used to acidify the soil.  If dug in the ground around mop head hydrangea, they can help the plants absorb aluminum which helps the flowers' blue color.

6. If you sprinkle the damp grounds on fireplace ashes, it cuts down on the amount of dust created when the ashes are swept up.

7. If you rub a scoop of grounds between your hands, its can make them softer and help eliminate odors from fish, garlic, and other smelly foods.

8. If you place an inch or two of moistened grounds in a can or jar and then  extra sticky double sided tape around the top, you have a cockroach trap.  Cockroaches love the smell of coffee.

9.  Throw them in the compost heap because they are great green matter, rich in nitrogen.

10. Mix your carrot seeds with dried coffee grounds to give them a boost when planted.   It helps produce larger carrots and keep the pests away.

11. If you rub it into your pets fur between washing and rinsing, it can get rid of fleas, keeping your pet nice and healthy.

There are lots of other uses from cleaning your face to unclogging sinks.  If you wonder about any of these, do a quick search and have fun.

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