Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Age of the Super Hero

Super Hero, Captain America, America If you watch T.V. or go to the movies, you know super heroes are taking over. Everywhere you look, you see the Avengers, Super Girl, Batman, Superman, The Flash, The Arrow, and so many more
Its like comic books have come to life and their characters walk the earth but do you know how old some of them are?  I know some are way older than me but how old?  I had to look it up.

Although Superman was created in 1933 by two high school students, he became as we know him in 1938 when they sold the rights to Detective Comics now known as DC comics. They received $130 dollars for their rights and were contracted to continue providing material for the series.

Three years later, Captain America made his first appearance in March 1941 and published by Timely Comic, the predecessor or Marvel Comics. Captain America was created to be the super strong patriotic soldier who smashed through the enemy and give the country hope.  He was the most popular comic during WWII.

Just a few months later in November 1941, the Green Arrow made his appearance in More Fun Comics #73.  Over the years, he's been rich, lost his money, become a streetwise crusader and had other adventures.

Now between Superman and Captain America, Batman made his debut in 1939 as Bat-Man a hyphenated name.  He was different than most superheros because he uses his intellect and physical prowess rather than super powers to win.  In 2015, Batman was listed as number one on the list of 50 of the greatest superheroes in the history of comic books.

The original Flash appeared in 1940.  Apparently the Flash has had four different identities from college student, to forensic scientist, to nephew, to a grandson depending on which series you are reading.  In 1961, the Golden age Flash meets the Silver age Flash, introducing readers to the Multi-verse concept.

If you are one of those who have been watching The Avengers and their offshoots, you'll find some of these characters are much younger.  For instance, The Green Hulk has only been around since 1962 when his duel personality was introduced to the world.  I remember the one command from the movie  "Smash".  It made me laugh.

Thor aka The Mighty Thor made his first appearance in 1962.  Originally, Thor had an identity as Dr. Donald Blake, an American physicist with a bum leg.  His cane changed into his hammer when ever he changed to his superhero identity, not like in the movies.

Iron Man made his first appearance in 1963 but it was not until 1968 that he had his own comic book.  The movies are pretty accurate on his history, just updated to take place in a country we have been fighting now. 

These are pretty much the major super heroes we've seen in the movies and on television recently.  I've never been much of a comic book reader but I've mostly enjoyed the movies and series.  I will say that season 2 of the Flash had some weird twists and turns.  Who do you like best?

I'll talk some more on some of the lesser known heroes in another column.

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