Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Top 10 Most Fragrent Roses.

Red Rose, Rose, Rose Bloom, Blossom  I love planting roses around the house.  Where I live in Alaska, we have tons of wild roses with beautiful scents but most people end up planting roses.  Some choose what ever roses can be found at the local gardening center, some can be ordered in from an on-line place or you might get it at your local grocery store.

The problem is simply that not all roses smell alike.  Some have a great scent that sends you back to your childhood while others are sort of neutral.  If you want the flowers with the best smell, which varieties should you look for?

These 10 roses are considered the flowers with the most intense fragrances in the world.

1.  Memorial Day rose is a beautiful pink hybrid tea rose with a double bloom reaching 5 to 6 inches across.  It is said that one flower can scent a room.  This rose blooms by Memorial Day if you'd like something aromatic by then.

2. Sunsprite is a gorgeous deep yellow rose reaching 2.5 feet tall so it can be grown in a container if desired but the scent is wonderful.  The blossoms are single blooms with 25 to 30 petals per blossom. It is classified as a Florabunda who blooms from late spring to early frost.

3. Secret is a hybrid tea rose whose pink tinged white petals are beautiful.  The blossoms reach 4. 75 inches across and have an intense scent to provide the wonderful rose smell around the house.  Although the plant has mostly single blossoms, they occur in clusters of two to three.

4. Mr Lincoln is a hybrid tea rose whose classic rose scent strikes chords of remembrance.  It is considered the most fragrant rose in the world.  Its deep red, almost violet color comes through on its double 5 to 6 inch across blossoms.

5. Louise Odier is a beautiful bourbon rose.  Its deep pink, double blossom provides a deep intense scent.  You won't see its 3 inch wide blossoms till the beginning of June.

6. The Royal Highness exhibition quality hybrid tea roses produces a 5 to 6 inch soft pink colored blossom. This particular rose grows best in a sunny climate, producing a large pointed buds are seen first before they open into its high centered shape.

7. The grandflora type Fragrant Plum has a lavender colored center deepening to a plum at the edges of the flowers.  The 4 inch double blossoms bloom in June.

8. Heritage, an english rose, is a classic heritage rose.  Its light pink, double blossoms with a perfect cup shape are a delight to have in the garden. In addition, the 3.5 inch blossoms carry a light lemon scent.

9. The florabunda Honey Perfume rose with its apricot yellow double blossoms bloom from spring to autumn releasing a beautiful honey perfume scent to waft across the yard.

10. Finally, Double Delight, a hybrid tea rose whose white center and red edges provides a striking double blossom. This 4 to 6 inch rose is noted for its intense spicy scent.  It is good for both exhitition and cut arrangements.

So if you wish to plant a rose garden for its fragrance rather than only for color, check some of these out because they provide both.

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