Tuesday, October 25, 2016

9 Uses for Nut Shells

Almonds, Nuts, Hazelnuts, Mixed Nuts  Around Christmas time, someone in the family always sends me those gift pages with mixed nuts.  I enjoy eating them but I'm not always sure what to do with the shells.  Yesterday I wrote on ways to use peanut shells.  Today, I'm looking at ways to use other nut shells.

Some are harder to do at home but are still possible while others are quite easy.  Many of the suggestions are aimed at one type of nut while others apply to all types of nuts.

1.  A cheese company in Oregon burn hazelnuts to smoke certain blue cheeses.  I wonder how this type of smoke would work with fish or jerkys?

2. Place the nut shells in the bottom of the flower pot under the soil to improve drainage. 

3.  Use pistachio shells to create brooches.

4. Grind the shells to a course mix before adding to a homemade soap or face/body scrub.

5. Crushed walnut shells can be used to polish jump ring and chain maille pieces.

6. Use a mixture of crushed shells as a landscaping material or use as a mulch in the vegetable garden.

7.  Create tea candles by pouring the soy wax into walnut shells.

8.  Dig crushed shells into the soil of house plants and your garden to enrich them.

9.  Add finely ground nuts to resin to create figurines.  If the figurines are stained or painted, they resemble wood.

So many possibilities so you are not throwing the nuts out.  Let me know what you think.

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