Thursday, January 17, 2019

11 Weird Flavors of Gum.

Child, Chewing Gum, Surprised It seems that more and more people are chewing gum, from students, to waitresses, to the paperboy.  Most of the gum chewers I know, tend to stick to regular flavors such as wintergreen, mint, or possibly a fruit flavor but there are flavors out there, I've never heard of.

In addition, most of these flavors I've never seen in the stores I visit, but I'm assured they exist. You'll find flavors you might want to try and other flavors you'll say no way but I hope you enjoy reading about each and every one.

1.  For those who love, love, love bacon, there is a bacon flavored chewing gum produced in the United States. According to the description, this gum allows you all the flavor without any of the calories associated with real bacon.

2.  On the other hand, for those who love a spicy flavor of gum, check out the Wasabi gum made by Archie McPhee specialty company.  Wasabi is becoming quite a popular flavor for things like chips and dried peas.

3. Don't have time for dinner, try TV dinner chewing gum with three flavors, beef, corn, and apple cobbler. I suspect they expect you to chew one flavor at a time, rather than all three at once.  Don't worry, the gum comes in three different colors so you can tell the difference.  I'm not sure I'd like the beef or corn but the apple cobbler sounds appealing.

4. From Japan comes Man Smells Gum which is labeled as having a rose menthol flavor.  The gum is marketed towards older men with the idea that the rose essence soaks into a man's pores making the whole gum chewing experience so much more.

5. Back to America to try Meatball chewing gum which is shaped like meatballs and tastes like meatballs but it does not include marinara sauce.  This gum was designed for those who like Italian food.

6. The next flavor sounds like something that would work out in the Alaskan bush where frozen ice cream often melts and is refrozen before it arrives in town.  Wrigley's made a sugar free Mint chocolate chip flavored gum to join its "Desserts Delights" line of gum.

7. Now for those people who love to celebrate Thanksgiving year round are in luck.  They can buy the Thanksgiving Gumballs with turkey, pumpkin pie, and cranberry flavored gum.  Each flavor is a different color so you know which one is which flavor.  Again, all the flavor without the calories.

8. If you prefer something a bit more highbrow, check out the Fois gras flavor or as my father would say "Duck liver" flavored gum. Quite fancy but affordable for everyone.

9. Do you like fruit?  If so, head to Mexico and check out the Mojitas Bananas gum which I'm told is quite close to the original. 

10.  Back to Japan for a Pepper Fruit gum which is a combination of fruit with the spicy tank of black pepper.  I've heard the balance of the two flavors is quite good because they compliment each other beautifully, sweet against spicy.

11.  For the last flavor, we return to the United States to enjoy pickle flavored gum.  If you are curious as to the type of pickle, the gum balls are dill flavored.  If my sister had kept these around, she wouldn't have had to send her husband out in the middle of the night to buy more pickles when she was pregnant.

I hope you enjoyed reading the list.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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