Thursday, January 10, 2019

The 7 Most Expensive Cakes.

Cake, Chocolate, Chocolate Cake  For most of us, cakes are not a big ticket item, even if we buy them from a bakery,  If we are after something special, it might cost us one or two hundred dollars but the cakes I'm about to discuss, are way more expensive.  Some are more expensive than those houses owned by millionaires.

1.  This $75 million cake takes the record as the most expensive cake ever made. The designer Debbie Wingham sett the record in 2015.  When the cake was unveiled, it was done so on a catwalk with models, jewels, and spectators.  Imagine a cake decorated with over 4000 diamonds worth a cool $45 million, It took over 1,100 hours to create this 1000 pound cake.

2. Next is a $53 million dollar wedding cake that is way over the average $400 cost for this type of cake.  This eight tiered cake covered with over 4000 diamonds was specifically made for the National Gay Wedding Show in 2013.  Attendees were allowed to eat the cake but they could not keep the diamonds.

3.  Coming in third is a $35 million pirate fantasy cake created by Dimuthu Kumarasinghe who won the Culinary Olympics nine times.  Each layer in the 10 layer cake featured a different flavor such as pumpkin, pistachio, cinnamon, or coconut.  Dimuthu designed it to look like a rundown pirate ship complete with a treasure chest filled with bounty.  The gems and jewelry were what took it up to the $35 million.

4. Then there is the $30 million cake created by the Cake Boss in answer to a challenge from the editor of Social Life.  The challenge was to create the most expensive cake at that point in time.  He used $30 million worth of rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and sapphires and he placed a crown on the top of the cake.

5.   Don't forget  the $20 million cake commissioned for the 2006 Luxury Bridal Show in Beverly Hills, California.  The designer created a 5 layer cake studded with diamonds and 24 carat gold.  This particular cake was guarded by six security guards during the show due to its cost.  It is not known if the cake was sold during the show. 

6.  Next is the rumored $5 million chocolate cake built in the shape of South Africa by a Tokyo jewelr shop owner who placed 2000 diamonds on it.  Apparently, there is only one photo on the whole of the internet supporting the existence of this cake.

7.   Finally is the Luster Dust cake worth only $1.3 million. This non-edible cake was covered with jewels and jewelry from the Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange for the 2010 Bridal Fair. The cake was made from foam and covered with a "Luster Dust" frosting before being covered with over a million dollars worth of jewels.  It was transported in an armored car and when displayed was watched 24 hours a day.  If it had been real, it would have weighted around 200 pounds.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.


  1. I feel kind of cheated that they had to put a bunch of diamonds on a cake to make it expensive. Personally I think everything on a cake should be edible minus the candles or topper.

    1. I fully agree but that seems the way they make anything be it shoes or drinks, the most expensive thing in the world.