Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Lands End Tour

 This past Saturday, I took a tour to the end of the Baja Peninsula where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.  These trips are extremely popular and there are tons of vessels out there.

I choose a tour which took us out in a glass bottom boat so we could see fish as they swam under the boat.  We left the harbor along with so many other boats to head out to either visit the beaches, scuba dive, kayak, or whale watch.

The first picture shows a local beach used more by the local population rather than visitors.

Our first stop was at a set of small rocks in a fairly shallow place to check out pelican rock.  Pelican rock is small and it got its name because  of all the pelicans who sit on the rock.  In addition, the area has some great schools of fish.

The captain of the boat next to ours, threw some food into the water to attract fish and it did the job.  I saw all sorts of fish, some looking quite normal in that they weren't very pretty but others were beautiful.

If you look carefully at the photo to the left you'll see some of the prettier fishes.  They were purple, yellow and had some red.  I wasn't able to get a photo all the school because they moved quickly and I had to turn around totally and I could only snap a picture of the stragglers.

In the same area, people were scuba diving to see these fish up close and personal.  Riding in a glass bottom boat, meant we got a great view of the fish.

After a short stop, we headed back out to sea making our way slowly towards Lands End or the end of the body of land.  Its not just one long piece of land but made up of several different pieces of land.

In-between a few pieces, you'll find beaches.  One beach "Love Beach" goes all the way through to the Pacific side and our captain joked that side was the "Divorce Beach".

Geologically, the rocks looked to be intrusive, crystalline possibly made a granite. This tidbit same from a geologist on the trip so I thought I'd include it.  If you look carefully, the water is a beautiful color and seems quite clear.

We spent time, moving around, stopping here and there to enjoy a view before moving again.
 This photo was taken as we came around the southern point and crossed from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean.

It was a beautiful day so both the Sea and the Ocean were quite calm and enjoyable.  I didn't take tons of pictures showing all the boats out in the same piece of water.

As you can see, there are lots of small pieces of land that thrust straight up out of the water, standing proudly.

 This beach is on the Pacific side of Baja.  That beach runs through to "Love Beach" and the sand is beautifully white, much like you think of Hawaiian sand.

I could have been dropped off at the beach but I didn't want to spend all day there as I'm not one who likes to sunbath and get burned.

If you look carefully, you'll see the land juts out into the Pacific.  I assume most of the area is either beaches or sharp edged rock
This particular shot is one you see frequently associated with the Cabo area when you look at pictures.

The arch is one I saw when I signed up for the tour because this is what its noted for.  I love the shot I got.  This was taken on the way back to the Marina.

From here we continued back only to pause at another place to see all the local sea lions or seals who love lazing on the rocks.
 If you look carefully, you'll see several sea lions lazing on the rocks.  Unfortunately, it was quite smelly because the  animals dropped poop on the rocks by the water.

Everyone in the boat held their breath while sitting there checking out the animals.

There were even a couple swimming in the water, turning circles, popping up, and down.  It was fun watching them.

What marina is complete unless they have a couple of pirate boats. According to the captain of our boat, these pirate boats are used for whale watching but according to him, they are not as good as the smaller boats like his because they do not maneuver as easily.

We saw a whale during this trip and the captain offered to take us over if we were willing to give him a good tip because it was not part of the tour.

Most people decided to forgo it.  I see whales out where I am so it didn't matter to me one way or the other.  I might choose to do some whale watching next trip.

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing some more local stuff.  I hope you are enjoying this.  let me now what you think.  Have a great day.

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