Monday, January 7, 2019


The trip home was not as fun as expected.  I did not make it home this past Friday as expected due to weather issues.  My trip had my flying to the regional hub via Anchorage and that was all wonderful.

I arrived at the hub to a beautiful sunny day with little wind but upon check-in, they informed us we could not fly as we were on weather hold.  It was cruddy at my destination.  Unfortunately, it didn't clear up at all, so all flights were cancelled and I had to take a room in town for the ugly rate of over $200 for the night.

Early the next morning, I arrived at 7:05 to check in for a possibly flight out to the village.  The great news did not override the bad news.  Due to an extremely low ceiling and no wind, we couldn't get out of town even though the village was clear and sunny.  

In addition, the terminal next door had their plumbing die so they sent their customers over to the terminal I was in to use the toilets.  This was all great until the holding tank ran out of water and suddenly no one could use the toilets. No water for flushing, no water for drinking, and no water to wash hands.  Furthermore, the cafe upstairs had to close down all food preparation since they couldn't clean anything.

Furthermore, the low cloud ceiling didn't clear at all so I had to spend another night in the hotel.  The only good news was the special Friday rate the hotel offered people who lived in villages.  It cut about $100 off the nightly rate.  So I spend one more night in a hotel that wasn't much better than a room at Motel 6.  

Once again, I arose before I wanted so I could arrive at the airport by 7:00 AM.  The idea of arriving so early is simply if the plane flies, you are there and can get on and go but due to the height of the fog, nothing was flying again.  Fortunately, the water truck was scheduled to make it's normal water delivery but it took them two tries because the first time the truck drove out, the driver forgot to check to see if the tank had any water.

After another hour, the tanks were filled and we could use the facilities again.  Talk about wonderful times to celebrate.  On the other hand, the fog still prevented us from going anywhere and we all hung out hoping and praying.  Sometime around 2 PM, everything started clearing up slowly and by 3:30 we were boarding and soon we hit the airways. I finally got home around 5 PM Saturday night, too tired to even do anything on my blogs for the weekend.

It looks like half the staff may not make it in because nothing managed to fly on Sunday due to snow there and fog here.  As of when I wrote this, unless a miracle happens, we will be missing several staff members for the first day of school.  

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear. Tomorrow, I'll be back to normal.  Have a great day.

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