Thursday, January 3, 2019

Indications of Christmas and the Mall.

 The local mall which has one end opening to the street while the other side opens to the Marina.  The marina has boats ranging in size from small 6 to 8 seaters all the way up to those huge three story yachts you dream about but will never own.

The mall has more upscale type stores than what many American malls have but it was fun to explore. Being the holiday seasons, the mall took up the decorating challenge to provide some really nice scenes.

In the photo to the left, you see the nativity scene which is enclosed by a fence.  I suspect the fence is to keep small children out.

In the same open area on the floor with the casino,
the mall arranged some wonderful snowmen who are decked in their finest.

As I stood checking this one out, I kept expecting them to break out in song.  It is fun seeing snowmen in a temperature when normally they'd be nonexistent.

The area with the nativity scene and with the snowmen is open air between one side of the mall and the other.  There are few stores on this level but it takes you outside to enjoy the sun.

The only other thing up on this level is one of those racing cars you put your 30 pesos in, and get a nice rice in place.  Its a larger car so it fits people more comfortably but this time, it was covered with a tarp.   This picture was taken on the Marina side of the Puerto Paraiso.  Just out of sight to the left of the picture is a Hagen-Das, just like at home.

This side had the Christmas tree with all sorts of decorations and fake snow surrounding the presents at the bottom.  It's a beautiful tree but its definitely fake, otherwise they would have to bring it into a desert climate.

This area of the mall, has several upscale eating places such as a Ruth and Chris Steak house.  Off to the right are more restaurants.

This is the first shopping mall, I've seen that has a Menorah situated right next to the Christmas Tree in the above picture.  Its a beautifully decorated Menorah.

Since Cabo is a tourist area, you notice the a place you can go to invest in a specific residence. There are so many real estate offices interspersed among all the bars, restaurants, and pharmacies along the main road.

Everywhere there are indications it is the Christmas season because waiters wear Christmas hats, cows are dressed in Santa Clause Coats, and displays as I've shown you here.  Even Tiffanies had their own silver Christmas tree.

Tomorrow, I've got some other pictures to share of some of the more interesting stores at the mall that are not the run of the mill ones.

I hope you enjoyed this.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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