Monday, May 13, 2019

15 Of The Worst Places To Visit

airplane from aboveIt's May already and many of us have plans to head off to visit places.  Some are on the best places to visit but other are in the worst place to visit.  I've decided to look at the worst places to visit because some of them I do want to visit someday but only if I have a reason to go there such as attending a conference otherwise I won't go.

So many people want to visit New York City to the point that over 13 million visitors go there every year.  That is about 5 million people more than the 8.5 million who live there.  It is said the food is over priced and you'll be bumping against people as you walk from your hotel to a restaurant.

Another place is the Galapagos Islands.  Yes, that is where those giant tortoises reside and we all want to go see them in their natural habitat but the Galapagos have a fragile ecosystem.  Although the Equadorian government has restricted visitor, over 200,000 go and eventually it can impact the delicate balance.

It is strongly advised one totally avoid North Korea because it is easy to disappear or end up in jail. Furthermore, things are a bit dicey among North Korea, the United States, and other countries. Even with the danger, over 5,000 people manage to visit the country every year.

Another place on people want to visit list is New Delhi.  We hear of New Delhi, think of Ghandi, and as a place to go visit for enlightenment but they don't tell us that New Delhi has over 19 million people living there and its considered one of the most polluted cities in the world.  Of course if you are mountain climber, Mount Everest is on your list of places to scale but its a very dangerous mountain to reach the top.  At least 300 people have died trying to reach the top and 6 of those died in 2017.  Furthermore, the cost of trying to make the climb ranges from $30,000 to over $100,000 which is out of most people's reach.

Egypt easily made this list.  Even though it has the pyramids and the Great Sphinx , it is considered one of the most dangerous places to visit especially for women travelers.  One of the cities I visit on a regular basis hit this list due to the smog, the lack of public transportation, the traffic, and the number of people.  Its Los Angeles with its Disney Land, Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags, and other sites but the sites are spread out and you really need a car to get from one point to another.  I hate driving there.

The Bahamas made the list.  Although it has sunshine, beaches, and other touristy placers, this country is said to be one of the most expensive summer destinations due to the $299 nightly hotel cost.  Las Vegas made the list even though it is considered one of the cheapest places to visit due to the lack of activities other than drinking, gambling, and going to shows.

Myanmar has made the list even though it was considered one of the must visit destinations not long ago.  Unfortunately, the army attacked the Rohingya and the country is now off limits to tourists.  On the other hand, it is suggested one avoid Amsterdam because over 20 million people visit that city of 800,000 every year.

Dubai is here because it is said to lack culture but has over 70 shopping malls including the largest one in the world.  It is suggested tourists avoid Rio de Janerio due to its high homicide rate.  The president called in the military to take over running public security which lead to protests and even tourists are seeing a rise in crime.

Montego Bay, Jamaica is having the same problem to the extent that tourists are restricted to the area with resorts due to the high crime rates in surrounding areas.  When the number of homicides rose suddenly in Montego Bay, the government implemented a state of emergency.

The final place I'm listing is Moscow Russia which has the reputation of most unfriendly place in the world.  It places last on hotel's taxi's and everything else including trying to get directions from locals.

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