Wednesday, May 22, 2019

First leg

Monday night I arrived to the airport in plenty of time to catch my 12:30 a.m. flight to Seattle but in the time between leaving home and arriving at the airport, the plane went from on-time to a couple hours late.  Apparently, the plane had mechanical problems so they had to wait for another plane to become available.  The airlines was great in that they rebooked people who would miss their flights and provided snacks and drinks for everyone.

As time ticked on, they provided updates but the gate information wasn't as up to date as it could have been.  Note the picture to the left.  It says we were due to leave at least an hour before we boarded.  It provided amusement to many of us.  Eventually, the plane finally arrived but they had to track down the pilots for the return trip and by 3:06 a.m. we finally pulled out and made our way to Seattle.  Again, the airport stepped up to the plate and by the time we landed at the North Terminal, everyone had been rebooked.  All I had to do was check in with customer service to get a new boarding pass and wait about six hours for the next flight.

As soon as we deplaned, we came across this fallen tree log in the middle of a social area.  I took the picture while standing in front of Customer service, looking back towards the gate we deplaned through.  

The log is actually a sculpture laying in the middle of the floor. If you notice, the flooring looks a bit like dirt to match the fallen log.  The area is between the elevator and the exit to the trains.

The airport added to this concourse, made it look nicer but they are still finishing construction.  I like it much better now that they've revealed the finished parts.
If you look at the picture to the left, you'll see what looks like a glass elevator shaft.  The decorator had tall tree's painted on the back side of the structure.  The trees go up and up and up, just like the structure.  It's towering but not intimidating.

So much of the North terminal has changed since I was last through at Christmas.  It looks refreshed and it is so much larger.  It took a bit to find the way down to the train because they are still finishing off things.  

Due to additional renovations happening at the C concourse, they've closed the C concourse stop by gates C 16 to C 20 so you have to get off at the D concourse which puts you by Gate D-3.  If you need to get to one of the gates by Waji's, you have a decent walk.  

The airport has blocked the entrance to the train station in concourse C.  They've painted trees on the fences designed to keep people safe.  I don't know how long the construction will continue as I only fly through a few times a year so I see these when they are done.

The airport is also redoing the center area where they had all the fish places. They've got the area blocked off with signs indicating when it opens, it will offer more seafood places.  I do know, they've opened a couple of wine bars in the center and up Concourse C.  There are a couple of new restaurants that have opened.

I had 6 hours to explore the airport today between when I landed and when I boarded my connecting flight so I took several walks around, just to get some exercise.  This is when I took a few of these photos.  I hope you like them.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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