Thursday, May 30, 2019

The 7 Best Places To Visit in June

Van, Vintage, Beach, Cool WallpaperSummer is coming or almost here and everyone is making plans for where to go.  Some love going to the beach, others would rather camp, and others find a hotel with pool but there are some recommended places to visit in June.

Maine makes the list due to its great shoreline, hiking up Cadillac Mountain, camping, and the great city of Portland to enjoy.

This is the month to visit Peru when the dry season starts and before it gets too warm.  This is a great time to check out Machu Picchu and The Sacred Valley which provides a glimpse into the past, but you need to be careful of the altitude.  Stay in Cusco with its cobble stone roads to experience three different June festivals.  One festival is for making a pilgrimage to the local glacier, another is  a Christian celebration, and the last celebrates the winter solstice.

If you want to stay in the United States, try South Walton, Florida with its Underwater Museum of Art which showcases sculptures doubling as artificial reefs to encourage the sealife or look at the coastal dune lakes which have a nice mix of fresh and salt waters and found in very few places on the earth.

June is also a great month to check out London when it has its best weather and the town blossoms with people coming out to enjoy the warmth.  June is also when the Queen celebrates her birthday, and a Taste of London with all the renown chefs coming out to cook mouthwatering meals. If music is more your thing, they have the Hampton Court Palace Festival in June.

This is also the best month to visit Puerto Rico, before the rainy season.  Check out the old town in San Juan or visit the bioluminescent bay or the Gozalandia Waterfalls.  There is also a lot of great food including mofongo a dish with plantains.  The last time, I visited Puerto Rico, I tended to eat in small coffee shops and ate a lot of plantains.  Those are good.

If you visit the Cote d'Azur in France, do it in June before it becomes too popular.  On June 21, attend the all night music festival ringing in the first day of summer.  You can explore the rest of the French Rivera or hop a train over to Monoco where Princess Grace, formally Grace Kelly lived most of her adult life.

If you want something different, fly to Tasmaina, the small island off the southern coast of Australia to watch the whales as they swim past and check out the southern lights as this is the best place to see them.  Tasmania host a fantastic festival which combines pagan rituals with art displays, music, and theater.

You could try Uganda during June if you want to see the mountain gorillas in any of the national parks or wildlife parks.  This is so popular, it is necessary to set up the trip a few months in advance because of the limited number of permits available.

So these are the best places in the world to visit during June.  I'm heading to Hawaii for a conference and then to Croatia just because I tend to just throw a dart in the map and go for it.  I hope you'll check these place out.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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