Wednesday, July 3, 2019

8 Of The Best Places To Visit In July

Cuba, Oldtimer, Old Car, Forest, RedIt is now July and many people are heading off on holidays.  Some are going camping out by a lake or river for a week to enjoy nature.  Others make their annual trip to visit relatives while others plan to travel great distances to enjoy places they've never been or want to return to.

As far as traveling, there are several places to go during the month of July.  Some locals are near and some far but they are all considered the best places to visit now.

You could start with Santa Barbara, California with its 1920 Spanish facades, historic waterfront and the Moxi discovery museum where children can make movies and learn more about 3-D printing.  There are many great restaurants and July 19-20 is the California Wine Festival which promotes local wines paired with food.  I seldom remember what a red or white wine traditionally go with.

If you would prefer, head off to Switzerland to enjoy the a UNESCO designated heritage wine area that has produced wines since the eleventh century.  Running from July 18 to August 11, the Fete des Vignerons returns to Lavaux wine region.  If you want to see it, you must go this year because this festival only happens once a generation or no more than five times a century.  This festival began in 1767 to mark the end of wine growers meetings.  Over the years it has grown so now there are parades, cultural activities, and pop-up restaurants.  In addition, there is a musical pageant which shows a young girl and her grandfather going through the vineyard where she learns about the wine making process.

Of course, you could hit Warsaw, Poland instead in July.  This town is experiencing a Vodka revival including the Vodka museum.  The museum includes a tasting room so people can experience vodka made of potatoes, wheat, or rye.  There are tons of restaurants to visit.

If you prefer music, check out Trencin, Slovakia with its annual Pohoda Festival.  The festival runs from July 11 to 13 and features a wide variety of music from Indie, to punk.  In addition, the festival has dance, visual arts,  films, literature, and theatrical productions.  Trencin is also the site of a very old castle and is only about 3 hours from Vienna.

For those who prefer not to leave the United States, one should check out Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown around July 4th.  Yorktown hosts the American Revolution Museum with its interactive displays and large collection of artifacts from that time, while Jamestown is the first English colony established in 1607.  It has a replica of the ship while the town has interpreters to share what life was like for both natives and colonists.  Finally Williamsburg hosts a reading of the Declaration of independence on July 4th.

Do you prefer experiencing the Wild West?  Then check out Cheyenne, Wyoming's Frontier days from July 19 to July 28.  Cheyenne hosts a professional level rodeo, art shows, carnival, and world class entertainers.  In addition, there is a celebration making the 150th anniversary of the transcontinental railroad in the Cheyenne Depot Museum housed in a building donated by the Union Pacific Railroad.  Cheyenne is only about 1.5 hours north of Denver which has an international airport.

Have you wanted to go north? Now is a good time to visit Trondheim, Norway because of its long days and mild temperatures.  Trondheim is Norway's third largest city.  It is close to fjords, and is said to have been founded in 997 AD by Viking King Olaf.  The town is surrounded by hiking trails, and beautiful beaches but be warned, the water is chilly.  Trondheim has several museums, restaurants, cobble stone streets, colorful wooden houses, and coffee houses.  There are cathedrals dating from the 11th century that have beautiful stained glass windows and pipe organs.  Its also possible to take a quick sea trip to see the city from the water.

Want to check out lions  like you see on the Lion King, then look to Tanzania to participate in a Safari.  July is in the middle of the dry season so weather is much nicer and July is considered to be the best month for viewing wildlife.  Book a stay at the Serengeti National Park you can see a wide variety of African animals from wildebeest to lions, to gazelle, to leopards and baboons.  My sister went on a Safari and loved it.  She said I needed to go so maybe in a couple of years.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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