Monday, July 22, 2019

Semi-Busted Trip

I signed up for a tour of three things including three volcanoes that are side by side but when we got up there, they were surrounded by fog, mist, and wind.  I took a picture to show you what we could see.  The problem is, the volcano is about 3400 meters high and its where the weather from the San Jose side meets the weather from the other side and its very unpredictable.  The day before, it had been raining but the day before that, it rained.  In addition, the park closes at 3 PM so they have to go in the morning.
We stopped at the Basilica de Los Angeles which is a very important church located in Cartaga, Costa Rica.  It was originally built in 1639 but was partially destroyed in an earthquake so it was rebuilt to what it is today. 

We did not go in because there was a service on at the time but I took a picture of the inside.  This current building was completed in 1939.  In the middle at the very front is a small representation of the Virgin Mary with Jesus said to have been found by a girl in Cartaga long time ago.  

This is a picture of a damn built by the government to hold the water so they can make electricity.  The guide said all power in Costa Rica is made by water power, wind, or geothermal and uses no coal or gas.  They are proud of this.

This is another photo of the "lake" formed by the dam.  It is quite large and absolutely beautiful.

This restaurant is where we stopped for lunch.  We ate on the patio, over looking the "lake" from the damn.  It was such a beautiful site.  We had a typical Costa Rican meal of beans, rice, salad, plantains, potatoes, and one of three meats.  It was so delicious and not overly spicy.  It was enjoyable.  They also served coffee using the traditional coffee makers so each person got their own cup of coffee brewed individually.  

This is a picture of the Costa Rican Coffee maker.  Every person had one in front of their setting.  I've even seen these used to make a pot of coffee.  The coffee gets better after each use I'm told because the white bags get darker with each use.  The restaurant also grows its own coffee in the land around it.  The coffee is quite good.

This is some of the countryside we passed.  Much of the land is planted with coffee, potatoes, onions, lemons, and all sorts of fruits and vegetables.  Even the land that is on the side of hills is used but they use a terracing type of planting.

This is a very narrow bridge over one of the rivers.  It is only one vehicle wide and so traffic has to stop and wait for someone to finish crossing.  Although there is a traffic light there, no one seems to pay attention to it and just does their own thing.

This is a bridge over a river taken from the bus as we crossed.  The river was quite large.

Tomorrow, you'll see pictures from the botanical garden.  I love going through botanical gardens and loved this one.  One thing about Costa Rica, is that you will see all the usual American stores such as Kentucky Fried Chicken,  McDonalds, and Walmart but you'll see more smaller stores and eating establishments.  The idea is for as full employment as possible so they encourage the smaller businesses.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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