Monday, July 29, 2019

Educational costuming

 I just spent the weekend attending a fun event. It is a gathering of costumers who share information and techniques to each other.  The special guest was the lady who created all those wonderful outfits on Miss Fishers Mysteries from Australia.

I spoke on the history of nursing outfits and on future fabrics in addition to teaching a hands on class on making your own appliqués.

There were things on hand sewing, wearable electronics,  3 dimensional printing, making and fitting all sorts of clothing. There was a Friday night show recreating something from the USO.  On Saturday night, they had a gala or fancy dress dinner and dance with so many beautiful outfits.  Then they had the Sunday afternoon fancy tea filled with light food and entertainment.

This year, they had things done by professionals in the fields of film, television shows, theater, and similar fields so aspiring costume designers would have an idea of what they could face as they tried to enter the field.  I thought this was a great idea.

In addition, people came from all over including New Zealand, England, and Austria.  Everyone had
so much fun because you had the option to dress up in something historical or you could wear regular
 clothing.  I saw some wonderful outfits.

I included a couple of pictures to share with everyone.  I am flying home right now. I will be a bit late with tomorrow’s entry.  I did not post over the weekend due to being so busy and tired.  Enjoy

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