Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Arrived in Costa Rica

My room.
I left Fairbanks around 10 PM Sunday night and after plane changes in Anchorage, Seattle, and Los Angeles, I finally arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Going through immigration was quite easy but the form used lost something in translation between Spanish and English.  For instance, they asked for my "foreseen address". or where would I be staying.  They also asked for the number of the document I was using which for me was a passport.

For customs I just placed all my bags, suitcases, etc in an x-ray machine and picked them up on the other side. I go through the same process when I leave Hawaii.

The view out my window.
I arranged for a ride before I flew in so I knew someone was picking me up.  The driver took time to explain that Uber is illegal in this country so if the vehicle is in an accident, the. driver's  insurance may not cover it.

He went on to explain how to tell if a taxi or vehicle is licensed by the government to transport visitors.  All drivers must have driven at least five years, have gone through a customer service course, and passed a government administered test.

He also pointed out the old airport as we passed it.  He said that Charles Lindbergh landed there at some point and people went out and got tuxedo's to wear when he landed.
My room has a refridgerator.

I understand my hotel is in the center of San Jose.  The buildings are older and the place looks like it has tons of small little stores.  The driver said it will be extremely crowded tomorrow morning as people come out and do business.

One thing I noticed on the way to the hotel were the garbage trucks.  They collect trash at night because they would be unable to do it in the morning due to traffic.

I understand the part of town with the homeless and the drug dealers are a few blocks away but I'm told the police keep them under control during the day.

Today I am hoping to explore a few places around here but I want to relax and recover from all the travel.  Wednesday, I've signed up for a food tour, Friday I am going on a trip to see the volcano, the botanical garden, and one more thing.  I'm thinking of throwing another tour on Thursday, then relax Saturday because I fly back Sunday.

I plan to take a ton of pictures and share them.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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