Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Even The 12 Days of Christmas Is Affected By The Pandemic!

This Christmas is quite different from previous ones due to the pandemic.  Personally, I decided not to travel to visit my family because of various travel restrictions from the state I live in.  I have to have a negative test to show when I arrive and it can't be older than 72 hours.  I also have to have to obtain permission to travel back into the village I live in and have a negative test, again no older than 72 hours, in hand to board the plane to fly back to the village. 

Usually, the music department at the local primary/middle/high school has a concert where everyone performs in front of the parents but this year, it happened virtually.  The music teacher recorded every one's performance from ECE to the school band before posting them on the school facebook page for the community to enjoy.

Every year, I check out the current price for the total cost of gifts mentioned in the 12 days of Christmas.  This year's list only covered the first eight but couldn't give costs for the lords-a-leaping, ladies dancing, pipers piping and drummers drumming because most musicians and dancers are not working due to Covid-19.  I forgot most places shut down their broadway shows, musical and dramatic performances, and even many movie theaters.  This made the cost of the presents drop because about a third of the gifts couldn't be included due to the virus.

Then there are the usual Christmas events that have had to become virtual or have switched to drive by to protect so many people.  For instance, many of the places one see's Santa have had to either change things so Santa can only wave at kids or everyone is masked, and observing social distancing or they've been eliminated this year.  Many of the people who play Santa or Mrs Clause at this time of year are in the high risk category and they've struggled with how to carry on throughout the season.  

Even the traditional parades are undergoing changes such having the floats parked in a public location with families driving through to enjoy the event while others are being cancelled and some have had the routes cut back so people can observe social distancing and masks.  In fact, many publications that list Christmas parades will also publish the cravat to check with organizers before heading out.  As we know, Southern California locked down so it is possible many previously advertised.  I don't even know if my village will have anything, only time will tell.

One group that is doing well during the pandemic is the online e-commerce people.  Since they are strictly  virtual, they do not have to observe distancing or masks for actual shoppers and many have noted increased orders.  I tend to shop virtually due to my location but since I'm not going anywhere at Christmas, I'll be sending gifts to my parents rather than going down and taking them shopping because they are at the highest risk.

Even the traditional classroom parties are not happening since so many schools are meeting virtually.  It is hard to have the same level of celebration when your class is spread out around the community.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day and a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanza.  

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