Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hairstyles and Face Shape.


When I was a teenager, all the books on beauty had a section devoted to choosing the proper hairstyle for your face based on shape.  The books advised one to find a bar of soap so you could use it to outline your face on a mirror in order to discover you face shape but I could never get anything done right.  I finally just grew it out and let it do its own thing.  

That's been a few years ago.  I began to wonder if the same rules are around today because many of us find a style and stick with it for most of our lives because we like safe.  I know the one time I cut my hair, the reaction I got from family members was shock and a variety of comments.  I haven't been willing to try something different since then.

Yes, the idea of choosing your hairstyle based on the shape of your face is still around and still recommended.  In fact, it is felt that getting a hairstyle based on the shape of your face is better than just selecting something from a magazine is much better because the latest hair styles may not look good on you.  

Now, it is suggested you take a selfie of your face with your hair tied back and then use a digital pencil to trace the outside edge of your face.  This will help you identify the shape of your face because you compare it to a charting find the one that matches best.  Most faces can be classified as oval, rectangular, square, heart shaped, diamond, round, triangular and oblong.  

If you have a rectangular shape, it is recommended one softly layer the hair and keep the hair so it is not overly long so that the cheekbones are enhanced and the corners of the face are disguised.  If you prefer a longer style, make sure it has waves or curls to add volume and soften corners of the face.  For updos, select softer romantic styles such as chignons rather than the high tight buns.  As for bangs, choose soft rounded bangs instead of square cut. 

People with oval faces are considered lucky because they can choose from a larger variety of styles but for styles that stand out, select a longer style or a short blunt bop or lob.  For long hair, avoid the layered look but add curls or waves so the hair does not drag down the face.  On the other hand,  a square face has a broad forehead, wide cheeks, and a strong jawline so one needs to select a style with a side part, long, airy layers, or a short cropped bob with side swept bangs.

A heart shaped face means both the forehead and cheeks are broad but with a narrow jawline and chin.  The hairstyle should help disguise the forehead and cheeks so a longer side swept cut does this.  One can also choose curls or waves that begin below the ear to balance out the look.  If you prefer a shorter hair cut , look at side swept pixie or a bob or lob.

A diamond shaped face means you have a narrower forehead and chin with wider cheekbones.  Look at a medium length or a long layered cut, that can easily be tousled and has a deep side part. If you'd rather make your jaw appear wider, choose a chin length bob. One can also wear a nice straight back ponytail easily. For a round face where the face has a length and width that are about the same and rounded cheeks, one should consider long layered styles  with layers beginning at the jaw line or short chopped pixie cuts. Avoid single length cuts. 

Triangular faces have a jawline wider than the forehead. The best hair cut is one that is layered so the layers end around the eyes, cheekbones, and collarbone. If you want a shorter hairstyle, then choose a choppy pixie cut and if you want bangs make sure they are short and sweep across your face or go for wispy.

If in doubt, discuss this with your stylist before choosing a style.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day. 

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