Friday, June 18, 2021

Types of Face Powder

Last time, we learned a bit about the history of face powder and today, I'm looking at the types of face powder.  Face powder can make ones skin look fresh and awesome at the same time.  In addition, it smooths out ones natural skin.  Fortunately, face powders can be used with or without makeup. 

Face powders are often used to set or finish your makeup and there is a difference between those two types of powder.   The setting face powder does exactly that - it sets your foundation so it lasts longer while the finishing powder often blurs pores and makes the texture softer.

Now on to the different types of face powder as you'll have more choices than just lose or pressed.  Lose powder comes in jars and has finer particles so it provides a lighter weight coverage.  Pressed powder is semisolid,  carried in a compact, and if too much is applied it can look as if its caked on.  Many people love the translucent powder which is a see through powder so it doesn't change the color of your foundation or concealer.  It is used to prevent shine and matte the surface. 

A finishing powder is used mostly to cover pores and fine lines. In addition, it comes in a variety of colors but translucent powder can be used as a finishing powder if one places a thicker layer of powder over fine lines, pores, or even under the eye, let it sit for a few minutes so the warmth from the skin can heat it up and dust off what's visible. This technique can create a beautiful complexion.

Then there are mineral face powders which are made out of minerals sometimes combined with vitamins and often has fewer chemicals than other types of powders. It is great on top of mineral foundation but could be used with regular foundation.  If you have dark rings under your eyes or blemishes you want covered, use a yellow toned powder known as banana powder. In addition, it sets concealer and corrects color.  There is also a dewy face powder made for the dryer skin.  It is finely milled, provides hydration, and slides on so that it doesn't settle in lines and creases.

Now, if you have dry skin, use a small touch of powder applied with a huge brush so you don't inadvertently dry your skin out even further. Apply it after the moisturizer and foundation. On the other hand, if you skin is oily, use translucent powder to help keep the shine down but if you have a more mature skin, use a finishing powder to reduce noticeable fine lines. 

If you aren't sure, use it to make you look even more polished and fantastic.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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