Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Skipping As Exercise.

I love walking but hate jogging or running because it puts a bit more pressure on my shins but I sometimes  go crazy and do something a bit different when I decide to skip instead of walking around my neighbor.  I admit, it sometimes feels a bit weird to skip as an adult but it is fun.  Sometimes one just has to let the inner child out and go for it.

Most people think of skipping as something only children do and most of us did it as a child but when be hit the teenage years, we left it behind.  I suggest that we need to revisit skipping because it is a great form of exercise.

Overall, skipping will improve muscle tone, helps coordination, works on balance, and improves flexibility. Skipping specifically tones the legs and thighs wonderfully and engages hip flexor muscles and abdominals which help stabilize a person's body.  It also improves heart health and blood pressure. Since skipping is classified as a high intensity cardio workout.  Furthermore, it helps build bone density, improve endurance, and agility.

Skipping requires a bit more energy than walking and can cover more distance in a shorter period of time than walking.  Research indicates that skipping produces about half of the peak force on the patella or knee joints that running does.  In addition, skippers experience about 30 percent less stress on the knee hinge where the tibia, femur, and patella meet than joggers.   Those who skip burn about 30 percent more calories than joggers but skipping does not cover the distance as well as jogging.

It has been found that skipping offers more support via the natural gait of step and hop on the first leg, step and hop on the other foot while jogging produces more stress since the jogger is either landing or launching at all times. The process for skipping provides enough support that it cuts down on the force experienced when the leg hits the ground. 

Although skipping produces less stress on the knees, it can produce more repetitive stress on the ankles and calves so it is suggested that skipping be mixed in with other forms of exercise such as alternating walking with skipping. Skipping is usually done outside where there is space.  It can be done on the beach, in the yard, on a trail, on a running track, or inside down the hall way or around your back yard.

It is important to wear a proper pair of shoes like cross trainers to provide the correct amount of support as you skip.  When choosing to skip, one needs to warm up with walking or marching.  Once you start skipping, it is important to keep moving and keep the jumping low rather than trying to clear hurdles.  Start with shorter periods of time, adding a minute or two until you are skipping for longer periods. 

If you want to change up things, add some skipping into your routine.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.


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