Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Desperate for spring

Apple, Tree, Fruit, FoodSome years, when winter won't release its icy hold, when spring is reluctant to make an appearance, I get desperate.  I am taking the gotta have it desperation of a drug addict except my addiction is of the earth.  I hit a point when the white is too overwhelming.  The sky is still gray or overcast, the ground is white and it just won't warm up.

At this point I pull out a couple of gardening DVD's.  Yes you read that right.  I have a DVD on growing perennials, one on gardening in general, planting an orchid and I just got one on growing herbs.  These are filled with greenery galore:  flowers, vegetables, fruits, and all sorts of things to make you feel as if you have run away to wonderland.

Flowers, Purple, BlütenmeerI love gardening.  I love raising vegetables.  I love having fresh flowers flowing in between the trees, vegetables and herbs.  I would classify my style as flowing rather than precisely neat. I don't grow plants in rows, I don't have plants arranged from short to tall.  I just plant them wherever and allow things to just fit where I can put them.

Red Cabbage, Kohl, Violet, Blue, Food
The DVD's take me away from the reality of a depressingly long winter to a future of a bright spring that will eventually come but tends to be slow.  Right now, the weather is overcast and rainy instead of being warm and sunny.  It is not spring, it is mud, mud, and more mud.

In three days I am off to a place with trees, green, and even a farmers market which to me is Paradise.....LOL

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