Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Take me away!

Bathtub, Bath, Bathe, Shower, SilhouetteYears ago there was a commercial that showed a harassed woman who was going crazy, hair flying wild, demanding that so and so take her away.  She is shown whisked away to a tropical beach.  The idea is that you can use this product in a bath tub and it is like being in paradise.

Classroom, School, Desk, Chair, Class
My neighbor leaned over to me last night at a meeting and told me she was ready to run away to Hawaii to get away from it all.  She was tired of being responsible, tired of helping family members handle their problems and tired of going to various conferences and taking classes.

She desperately needs break so she asked for hotel and activity suggestions for the beginning of June.  Another friend is upset cause her husband decided they should go to Las Vegas this summer. To quote her, Las Vegas is so "ordinary".  She said her husband was tired of going to Hawaii.

White Temple, Chiang Rai, ThailandShe grinned. "I suggested we go to Hawaii, then on to Thailand!"  because his dad lives there.  He said it was too far.  I have an open invite to go visit his dad in Thailand.   We used to work together before he retired to Thailand to be with a lovely lady.

I can tell you for certain that soaking in a bath tub covered in bubbles is not my way of escaping hassles of daily life.  I have other ways of doing it......LOL.

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