Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sort out the wisdom from the brain.

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I just listened to a conversation on the differences in culture and this comment came out of the discussion.  One guy said he was driving through Canada with his father and his father kept going 65 mph instead of 50 km.  His dad apparently told him to "Sort out the wisdom from the brain."

Elk, Deer, Wildlife, Antlers, NatureHis experience with his dad was so similar to my experience with my mother.  We were driving from Alaska, down through Canada to Washington.  

My mother did not know the difference between kilometers and miles.  It was something else.  We were in an old Mazda station wagon that could not go over 55 mph without shaking. 

Seaplane, Canada, Lake, MountainsSo when my Mother drove, she tried to follow the numbers on the speed limit.  Yikes, it was a challenge.  She saw 85 and tried to go 85 mph.   The car just couldn't handle it so I'd have to talk to her every time the speed limit changed.

It went something like this:
"Mom, you need to go 30 mph."
"But it says 50!"
" I know mom but that is in kilometers not miles."
"There's a difference?"
"Yeah mom, there is.  you need to go slower."

I think we went through the same conversation every time the speed changed.  it got to the point, I just gave her the speed in mph so we didn't have to have the conversation.

It save my sanity, my car and I didn't kill my mother on that trip.

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