Thursday, May 19, 2016

7 Facts of Peeps.

Do you remember finding those marshmallow chicks in your Easter basket?  It turns out these have only been around since the 1950's when Just Born Candy company bought the Rodda candy company which created a handmade marshmallow chick.  Just Born Candies had been around since 1923 and were named after the owner, Sam Born.

In 1954, Sam's son mechanized the process which streamlined the process and allowed the company to commercially produce the chicks.  He named this creation "Peeps" Today, Just Born Candy produces over 1 billion Peeps each year in at least 5 colors.  The company also produces Hot Tamales and two or three other famous candies.
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Facts about Peeps:
1.  The original marshmallow chicks took 30 hours to create by hand because they were piped through a pastry bag.

2. The original Peeps had wings.  The wings disappeared to streamline the process.

3.  Peep stores exist such as the one that opened outside of Washington D.C. in 2009.

4. There are Peep bunnies but they only account for 20% of the Peeps produced.

5. There are Facebook groups devoted to the dislike of Peeps.

6. The company produces an average of 5.5 million Peeps every day.

7. 37,000 peeps weigh the same as one boy band.

One of the most interesting things I've found out about Peeps is that they have the reputation for being indestructible.  Well after scientists tried to destroy these candies, they discovered that everything except the eyes can be destroyed. 


  1. I'm part of the group who dislikes Peeps. Who came up with the "37,000 peeps weigh the same as one boy band" fact? Funny though.

    30 hours handmade vs 1 Billion a year is ridiculous. It makes me wonder if I would have like the original...

    1. I suspect it was done mathematically but I agree, I don't like peeps and am not interested in them. I'm glad you stopped by to check the colum out.