Sunday, May 1, 2016

Best Fish To Eat

Trout, Fish, Rainbow Trout, Animal  Yesterday, I made a list of fish that should not be eaten due to levels of mercury, antibiotics, or they are being over fished.  So what about fish that are good for you. Do you look at only those that are good for your health or the ones that are harvested responsibly.

Well lets look at the criteria for both health and responsible harvesting first.  They are the first 5 on the list.  These I actually recognize the names as they are often eaten by people I know.

1. Atlantic Mackerel is a fish that reproduces quickly, and the process of catching Mackerel does not impact the environment as much as other ways.  It is high in both protein and Omega - 3.

2. Freshwater Coho Salmon is raised in tanks. These are easy to distinguish at the store due to a label of land based or tank based.  This fish is high in Omega - 3.

3. Pacific Wild Caught Sardines has among the highest rates of Omega - 3 and Vitamin D.  This variety reproduces faster than others so is able to maintain fishable populations.

4. Wild caught Alaskan Salmon has high rates of Omega - 3 and is considered sustainable because the water and number of fish is monitored to assure a good population and healthy fish.

5. Canned Alaskan caught Salmon - still has a high level of Omega - 3 and is often found for a good price.  Just watch the bones in it as I've had to sort the bones out of canned Salmon for friends.

6.  Arctic Char is considered high in Omega - 3 and is raised with good farming practices so is a better choice.

7. Although King Mackerel is on the no-no list, Atlantic Mackerel in a healthier choice as it does not have the mercury levels of its relative. 

8.  It is recommended you purchase Sable fish and Black Cod that have been caught off the coast of British Columbia or Alaska because fishing practices have made it so other species are less likely to be caught.

9. Anchovies are small enough that contamination is not an issue and they reproduce quickly so these are a good choice.

10.  Pacific Halibut - is high in Omega - 3 and recommended as a good fish to eat.

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