Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Recipe For Greek Style Pizza and Pasta.

Recipe, Label, Icon, Symbol, Spoon  You will note that I'm actually sharing a recipe today.  You will notice that once I start give the ingredients and directions, I seldom every give actual measurements.  I am one of those people who just throws stuff together and goes for it.  My mother hates it because she has to measure everything exactly. 

So if you are a person who hates vague measurements, you are not going to like the following recipes.  Since I live in the bush of Alaska, I had all of the things sent up at the beginning of the year and needed to use it.  You could make some of the things from scratch.  I can't because they don't get a wide variety of things at the stores.

Greek Pizza.
1 -  pizza dough (regular or gluten free)
Pesto - what ever type you want.
 1 - bottle of roasted red peppers
1 - bottle of Kalamari olives.
Feta Cheese crumbled.
Regular Cheese

Spread enough pesto over the pizza dough to cover it.  Slice up the peppers and spread over the pesto.  Chop up the olives (I had to take the olive meat off the pits before chopping) and spread.  Sprinkle feta cheese and/or regular cheese over the rest of it.  Bake at 425 for 15 to 20 minutes.  Cool a few min and serve.

Greek Pasta.
Pasta (regular or gluten free)
1 bottle of roasted red peppers
1 bottle of Kalamari olives
Feta cheese crumbled.

Cook the pasta till done.  Stir in a few tablespoons of pesto.  Add in chopped roasted red peppers and Kalamari olives.  Stir, then add some crumbled feta cheese and still a bit more.

As you can see, my personal recipes are kind of general because everyone has different tastes and want to adjust accordingly.  I'll share other recipes along the way as I feel like it.  I do enjoy cooking and playing with ingredients to make good food.  Have a good day.

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