Monday, May 30, 2016

I Figured It Out!!!!! The Answer To "How do I Get More Exercise?"

I am a walker.  I love walking.  A short walk is anything under 2 miles.  I am always trying to figure out more ways to add walking to my daily routine so I get the recommended 30 minutes per day.   Recently, the weather has been such that we've had those sudden showers that drench you in three minutes flat.  Usually when I go into town, I park at the back end of the parking lot so I can walk up to the stores but this time, I did something different.

Feet, Lady, Walking, Sandles, FemaleFriday I went into town with someone who cannot walk that far due to being disabled.  Usually, I stick close but I don't get enough of a walk to be satisfied. I like to feel as if I went somewhere.

So this time,  I did something a bit different.  I listed all the places we needed to go and grouped them into areas.  This way my friend was in one store while I walked to a bunch of others. For instance we put Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and the grocery store in one stop.  My friend went into Barnes and Noble while I popped over to Walmart to pick a few things up and then  to the grocery store.  My friend picked me up and dropped me off at Walgreens to pick up a couple things while he went to Sam's. 

I popped over to Joanne's fabrics to see which patterns were on sale. Since nothing I wanted was on sale, I walked over to Taco King where he picked me up on his way to Music Mart to get a snake for my French Horn.  A snake is a long thin tool with brushes to clean the crud out of the pipes in my horn. 

It was great.  I think I covered a couple of miles walking from one store to another.  I forgot to bring my pedometer.  I found it when I got home.  I accidentally washed it last night but it was still working, so I put it in a safe spot and now I can't find it.  I always do that.

I really enjoyed all the walking I got in because I  didn't get a chance to do any more exercising.  I think the next time I go shopping with my friend, I'm going to do this again.  It allows me to do all the walking I want and keeps my friend from from too much. It meant we both got what we needed.  He got his shopping done and I got a nice long walk in at the same time. 

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