Friday, May 13, 2016

Mmmmm Milkshakes But Those?

Milkshake, Milk, Dairy, Drink, Glass  You probably wonder why I'm writing about Milk Shakes today.  Is because I'm one day closer to leaving for a nice long visit to town and getting a Milk Shake in town is a tradition.  It started many years ago when I lived on the Island of Diomede.  If you look on a map, you may or may not see it depending on the map.  If you can find Wales, north of Nome, and head west to the international dateline, its about there.

You see, Diomede is so remote, the only way to get there year round is by helicopter.  If the helicopter goes down, you are out of luck.  If the ice gets thick enough in the middle of winter - around February - plane service began and lasted at the most 6 weeks.  The town is so small, there is a store, a laundromat and the bingo place. Not much else.

When we left Diomede at Christmas or in May and got to Nome, the first place we hit was a wonderfully great eating place called Fat Freddies.  I heard they went out of business a few years ago.  At the time, Fat Freddies sat on the waterfront so you could see everything.  The building was funky but well liked.  They made very thick chocolate milkshakes that gave you brain freeze and made you just melt because they were soooooo good.  Of course you had to order it with a burger or for me, it would be a bean burger with all the trimmings. 

I have only had milkshakes in Australia and those were very, very, thin compared to what I got in the United States.  I think they added a small amount of ice cream and blended so it was really whipped milk that was a micro thicker than normal.  It was quite an adjustment.  I still enjoy shakes but I prefer going to a place where they actually mix the ice cream (not the soft serve stuff), milk, and flavorings in the cup and blend it properly. 

Of course I have to include the top 10 weird flavors just because  I find them fascinating.
1.  From Japan we have a canned pancake flavored milk shake flavored with maple syrup.  It does not appear that thick.

2.  To go with it, why not add the bacon flavored milk shake that is not flavored with real bacon but a liquid flavoring so its technically vegetarian.

3. McNuggetini made with vanilla vodka added to the chocolate milkshake served in a barbecue sauce rimmed martini glass.

4. The avocado milk shake that is popular in Asia.

5. How about the Kool-aid milkshake 

6.  For the more adventuresome try the Fois Gras milkshake.

7.  What about the Buffalo Wings shake.

8.  Sweet Potato, Candied Cashew, mixed with Bourbon milkshake.

9. What about Guiness, Chocolate and Espresso together in one shake.

10.  Drink your breakfast with a Strawberry Waffle milkshake.

None of those really appeal to me but they do to someone.  Have a good day.

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