Monday, May 23, 2016

Rice Crispies Treats.

Rice, Food, Eat, Staple Food, Grainy  I really enjoyed those the few times I had them as a child.  I remember it was sometimes hard to get the marshmallow mixture just right so when you ate the treats, they were soft and gooey.  I hated it when they ended up too hard.

Although Rice Krispies first printed the recipe for Rice Krispies Treats in 1941, there is a story that the recipe was created by two women in 1939 who sold the treat to raise money for their Camp Fire Girls troop.  This is sort of true but not quite.

The two women who created the recipe actually worked in the test kitchen of Kellogg's.  It has been suggested they based their three ingredient treat on another recipe that used puffed wheat but made a few substitutions.  Apparently soon after, the Camp Fire Girls in Kansas City asked for ideas to fund raise so the company sent a representative to teach them how to make "marshmallow squares"  They spent two weeks working 10 hours days preparing, wrapping, and selling the treat. 

 In general the treat is the size of an average brownie except for the one made in 2001 at Iowa State University that weighted 2480 pounds and measured 12 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 2 feet long.  It took 8 hours to make and used 818 pounds of Rice Krispies, 1,466 pounds of marshmallows, and 217 pounds of butter. This record was busted in 2010 when a group of volunteers in California worked for 48 hours to create a 10,460 pound treat as a fundraiser.

Fun Facts about Rice Krispies Treats

1. The recipe has never changed since it was created.

2. They are one of the most popular no-bake treats.

3. These popular treats were mailed to service men during World War II.

4.  Kellogg's began commercially selling these treats in 1995. Up till then, they were only homemade.

5.  Kellogg's trademarked the name "Rice Krispies Treats" in 1955.

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