Saturday, August 20, 2016


Fishing, Fishing Rod, Fishing Lures I just got back from the camping trip late last night.  We had such a good time.  To get to the camping spot, we had to go down river, across the bay and up another river by boat.  The kids fished, picked berries, and gathered greens so many of the meals were supplemented.

The place looked like a small tent city near the river with a pit off to one side surrounded by a tarp.  Over the three days we visited the place where people lived till around 1948 when the city moved and in 1950 it moved again to its current location.  We also saw the place before that.

The other morning we dug clams at low tide while watching the starfish cling to the mud, the jellyfish floating around, and the barnacles who just sat there.  Another day we picked sour dock, an edible green, used in Agutuq aka Eskimo ice cream.  We managed to find enough red berries but they were hard to find because the birds had already stripped the area of blueberries, blackberries and salmon berries and were now eating the red berries.

I plan to publish a couple days worth of pictures next week.  Another couple of days will be devoted to the dance festival held the weekend of the 11th complete with a video or two. 

I wanted to give you a preview of next week so you knew what was coming up.  I had to come into work today so I haven't gotten the pictures downloaded from the camera yet.  Stay posted for some wonderful beauty.

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