Monday, August 15, 2016

Little Black Dress

Girl, Woman, BeautifulMy mother believed that all women should have a little black dress for all occasions.  My sister agreed with her.  She has always had one in her closet.  Me?  I'm more likely to wear black jeans with a nice blouse and jacket for an occasion requiring more formal wear but the other day I visited Old Navy.

I actually found one that I liked and bought it.  My very first little black dress.  Its one of those T-shirt dresses that fits well and folds up into a tiny space when traveling, yet doesn't wrinkle and looks smart.  I have a picture of myself and it posted in the right corner.  Yes I know, I'm probably later in getting around to this idea but I live in a place where you don't usually wear anything but jeans and boots.

I bought it because I took a trip this summer and decided I needed a dress that would work in a variety of situations.  I finally listened to my mother.  I never realized a little black dress is like a blank canvas waiting to be fulfilled.  I figured out I could do the following to it to create a variety of looks:

1.  Add a belt and wear sandals for a nice casual look.

2.  Tack some lace around the neck and low pumps for a nice afternoon dress.

3.  Pearls with high heels and you are ready for dinner.

4.  A metal chain belt with flats for another casual look.

5.  Leather belt, medium heels, and clunky jewelry for a work outfit.

6.  Bracelets, matching jewelry, and medium heels for another work outfit.

7.  A nice necklace on a chain, work jacket, medium heels and you have another work outfit.

8.  The dress and sandals for a weekend shopping trip.

A little black dress is full of possibilities and can work for any situation from casual to dressy.  I am now a believer.  Everyone should have one in their closet.  I do, now. 

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