Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Doors and My Neighbor.

Door, Goal, Old Door, Wood, Input, GateWhen I first moved into my apartment about 9 years ago, I was given a ring filled with several keys.  One worked on my deadbolt, another worked on the front door lock but several didn't seem to work on anything.

A couple years later, a young man moved in next door.  He is quiet and nice to have as a neighbor.  shortly afterwards, he locked himself out and borrowed a butter knife from me to break into his place.

I think it was the following year, management had us turn in all our extra keys.  At this point, we discovered one of my keys worked on his door.  I am still not sure if my key worked on his and my apartment or if I had his key.  They let me keep it so whenever he locked himself out, he would come get the key from me.

It wasn't too much longer management decided they wanted all the keys except for the ones associated with the deadbolt.  So I turned it in and of course he locked himself out.  He was over for the butter knife again. 

I think this happened about 3 to 4 times a year.  Well he did it again, the other morning.  I left for work.  I walked out of my apartment, across the porch and he was standing there looking kind of unhappy.  It appears he'd locked himself out of the entry instead of his place.   The fourplex is set up so there is a door into each group of two and that is the door he locked this time.

Fortunately, he'd left his window open because he is a smoker and likes to have it open to keep the smoke from accumulating in his apartment.  I laughed when he told me what happened.  He even walked over to his window, leaned in and pointed to his keys on the table, just out of reach no matter how far he leaned in.

At this point, he decided to climb in through the window which is one of those half windows you crank open.  It was fun watching him perform these weird movements as he tried to fit himself in through the opening.

After a few minutes of struggling he eased himself into the building.  It is great he is tall and skinny build more like a green bean than a line backer because if he'd been any larger around, he would not have made it. 

You are probably wondering why he didn't just call the building super?  Well two reasons really.  the super is never awake at that hour and there is no guarantee he has an extra key.  I thanked my neighbor for making the day a beautiful laughter filled event.  He just laughed with me. 

Yes, I do expect this to happen again because it happens on a regular basis.

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