Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fish Salad

Salmon, Food, Pumpkin  Again, this entry will be a bit shorter than normal but I wanted to share this recipe with you since it was sooooooo good.  The kids caught a couple Salmon in a net they'd stretched across one of the rivers out there. 

The salmon was perfectly cooked so it fell apart in your mouth and the flavor just oozed through your taste buds.  The left over was put away for later.

The ladies who came along to cook and supervise the girls as they helped just know the recipes. They learned them from their mothers.  You get my visual interpretation of the recipe.

Fish Salad.
Cook up some elbow macaroni till done.
Flake the left over fish into small pieces.
Dice the onions and pickles.
Mix together with just enough mayonnaise so the whole salad is mixed and held together. 

I'm sorry I have not measurements as the ladies just look at it and judge.  The one who added the mayo, scooped it out and dumped it in until it looked right.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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