Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Why Does Dyed Red Hair Fade So Fast? What To Do About It.

Bride, Marry, Wedding, Red Hair Red hair is one of those things that many women want but aren't born with so they often rely on hair dye to get the shade they want, including myself.  Actually over the years, I've moved to a Burgundy because it lasts so much longer than an auburn or other real red.

Unfortunately, red has the reputation of fading faster than either blond or brunette. I decided to find out if the reputation was earned or if it was just a perception.

I spoke with someone at my local Sally's who told me about the size of the color molecule so I had to check out what she said. Sure enough, the red dye actually fades faster than most any other color because the molecule weight is higher and it doesn't penetrate as deeply.

What actually happens is that the intermediate which are smaller molecules tend to penetrate the hair and combines to to form the color molecules. Technically, the red pigment in hair color ends up going deeper into the hair shaft but not all the way into the cortex as other colors. Due to it's  larger molecular weight it releases faster rather than just staying.  Furthermore, it really doesn't matter what brand of dye you choose, this is a standard problem.

In addition,  the red shades tend to be broken down by ultraviolet light and other environmental issues.  Once the shades begin to break down, and are easily removed from the hair by shampooing.  So how do you keep your red shade brighter for a longer period of time?  There are ways.

1. Try to wash your hair less frequently because every time you wash your hair, you loose some dye.  If you feel the need to wash it every day, use a dry shampoo to clean the dirt out of it some.

2.  Use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner to help slow down the stripping of the color. Try to avoid clarifying and dandruff shampoos because they will strip the

3.   When you wash hair, try not to use hot water.  Use instead a warm water and cooler rinse to help the color last longer.

4.  Last step is to wear a hat in the sun to protect the hair from ultraviolet rays that break down the color.

5.  Keep heat styling to the hair to a minimum because this can cause the hair to fade.  If you have to use heat to style your hair, make sure you use a heat protection spray.

6. If you can find a color depositing shampoo and conditioner with a shade similar to the one you chose, use it to add a bit extra color and help it last longer.

7.  When you swim in a pool, wear a swim cap or rinse your hair with tap water and cover with conditioner to provide a barrier.

So if you want red hair, be aware of the fact it fades easily but there are some things you can do to keep it from fading as fast.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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