Monday, March 8, 2021



Masks, masks, everywhere but do we use them enough?  I’ve been wearing a face mask at work every day for almost 8 hours which has messed with my face and since it’s winter, my hair is suffering it’s usual dryness.  I’ve been using masks of all sorts to help my skin and hair improve.

Hair masks are great for helping to make your hair look and feel better.  One has to read the labels to see if the mask is good for rehydrating hair, repairing broken strands, define  curls, or just provide a general pick-up.  

Face masks come in different types and are targeted to help specific problems.  I’ve tried the masks that you smear across your face, wait, before either peeling it off of washing it off.  I actually prefer the ones where the paper is soaked and you place it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes before taking it off and throwing it away.

Under eye masks are designed for that area right under your eyes.  Face masks are designed to be used on the face but not directly under the eyes because of the sensitivity of the under eye skin.  These are designed to hydrate and brighten the skin in that area.

Lip masks are wonderful.  I saw one on Amazon and decided to try it since my lips are  constantly dry due to wearing a mask so much.  Lip masks come in a wide variety from balms and creams to sheet to gel masks.  The one I found is easy to use.  I apply it to my lips, let it sit for 20 minutes before cleaning it off and then finish with a super nutritious balm.  I love it. 

Hand masks are designed to help the hands out.  Most of us end up fighting dry hands at various times of the year.  It is suggested one use these at least once a week.  The newer hand masks are found in sheet form that you drape on your hands.  Just relax and 20 minutes later, reveal the nice hydrated skin.

Foot mask which look like socks or booties you wear.  These are impregnated with a mixture designed to nourish your feet while exfoliating dead skin giving a nice soft foot as a result.  These you put on when you take a nap or are watching television.  

The last type of mask is the butt mask. The rear is especially prone to acne and hyperpigmentation.  Butt masks have higher concentrations of active ingredients since the skin on the rear is thicker than on your face.  Although using a sheet mask is the easiest, you can also find masks similar to those for the face that you put on and either peel or wash off.

I use masks for the face, under eye, lips, and hair and use them regularly.  I love the results.  Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear.  Have a great day.

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