Monday, April 5, 2021


I’ve come across a way of cleaning hair I’m unfamiliar with.  The idea is to completely eliminate shampoo from your regime and use only conditioner.  The technique is referred to as “Co-Washing” or “Co-Cleansing” and one “washes” hair only with the conditioner.  Since shampoo can strip the hair of oil, it is thought that using conditioner only is better.

Instead of washing your hair every day or two, one should use only a conditioner once or twice between the full washing with shampoo and conditioner or when you don’t have time to do a full wash.  Using only conditioner is said to eliminate dried ends while making hair look both silky and shiny. Some people do recommend totally eliminating shampoo and only ever using conditioner.

This technique is especially good for those who have curly hair because it keeps the hair more moisturized and helps strands undergo less breakage but it can be used for any hair type.  According to those who have made the switch, your hair may suddenly feel greasy for a day or two but it will go back to normal.  

In fact, people have reported they really like the results of using only a conditioner because it always leaves their  hair feeling wonderful and manageable. If you are worried, the conditioner is quite capable of cleansing hair while working natural oils into the scalp.  Furthermore, one can rely on the more inexpensive conditioners to do the job. 

If you want to incorporate more co-washes into your routine, choose a conditioner that is meant for your hair type and has ingredients that help hydrate your hair. When you buy your conditioner, make sure it is sulphate free so it doesn’t dry out your hair.  One important thing to do before co-washing your hair is to make sure it is detangled prior to washing your hair with conditioner.  

There are a couple ways to co-wash your hair.  One method is to apply the condition  at the scalp and work it out to the ends unless you have extremely long hair in which case you might have to add more at the roots.  The other method is to section your hair into between 4 and 8 sections.  Apply the conditioner to each section both inside and outside before placing it in a bun.  Once all the conditioned sections are in the bun, undo it and rinse the conditioner out.  

Then reapply the conditioner to all the hair, massage the scalp, and comb through the hair using a wide toothed comb before rinsing.  Although the conditioner does cleanse the hair, it is recommended one use a clarifying shampoo once in a while or you can spritz diluted apple cider vinegar into your scalp before co-washing.  

I usually end up with twice the number of conditioner bottles as shampoo because I use quite a lot on my hair to keep it hydrated.  Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear.  Have a great day.

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