Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Why Change Exercise Routines Around?

I keep hearing how important it is to switch up your exercise routine rather than just doing the same thing every day.  I realize most of us have that one type of exercise we want to do on a regular basis whether it be weights, aerobics, or just a quick walk around the block.  For instance, I don’t do enough weights and I’m trying to work them in more often than when I feel like it.  

It is important to vary your workout routine for several reasons including helping the brain and shocking the muscles otherwise, things might not progress.  If you are trying to lose weight, switching up workouts can help you break through the weight loss plateau you are experiencing.  When you add a new activity, your body has to work harder thus burning more calories.  With the new exercises, your body is becoming more efficient which helps you lose weight more easily.

Secondly, switching up workouts helps your body avoid getting a repetitive stress injury.  This type of injury occurs when you do the same motion such as running, kicking a ball, or hitting a tennis ball, over and over.  When you switch up workouts, you give your joints and muscles a chance to recover.  In addition, if you injure one part of your body, you can still workout using other parts of your body. 

Switching up workouts also allows every muscle to develop rather than just one set such as happens with long distance runners or swimmers.  Furthermore, working all the muscles allows you to be a better all round athlete and allows you to build stronger muscles.  It also helps you look better.

Unfortunately, when you do the same set of exercises over and over, you can get bored.  When you switch up your workouts, you feel as if each season is new and exciting. This helps your mental attitude towards exercising.  If you aren’t in a position to change out the type of exercise, you can add variation such as speeding  up for three minutes during your walk and then walking at a regular speed for one minute.  Or you might carry hand weights during the walk every other day, just something to change it up. 

In addition, when you add in a new workout or change them around, your brain won’t get bored, and if it requires some thought and memorization, it helps the brain stay alert and active.  Active people tend to be at a lower risk for certain types of heart issues.  Another possibility happens when you workout at a gym because you get to know people and may end up with new workout partners.  When you have a workout partner, you are more likely to continue exercising and it makes life more interesting.

I know I love having someone to walk with when I head out on my two to three mile walks in the summer.  It makes the time go so much faster.  So these are some reasons why you should switch up your exercise routines.  Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear.  Have a great day.

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