Monday, April 12, 2021


 I indulged in something called microneedling because I read that it is a very easy way to tighten your face while making it smoother and better. It is also known as Collagen induction therapy. Microneedling is actually a small roller with lots of needles that you roll across the skin and it pricks the skin and it is referred to as a derma-roller..  The purpose behind microneedling is to cause new skin to develop while producing more collagen for a smoother, younger look.  Microneedling is quite safe because it is not very invasive and requires little recovery.  

In general, a derma-roller  is often round with lots of small needled wheels that roll across your skin.  It reminds me of those rolling machines people use to aerate their lawn.  The application of microneedles can be done either professionally or at home but there are some definite differences.

The home version of a microneedle has needles only .1 mm long while the professional version has needles ranging between .1 and .3 mm.  The home version has the shorter needles because the longer ones can be dangerous if used by someone without the proper training. It is this training that makes the use of a microneedle more effective.

Microneedling is usually less a better alternative to chemical peels or laser resurfacing in certain areas such as around the eyes or mouth. One advantage is that microneedling can be individualized so only the areas that need attention are needled.  In addition, it is well tolerated by most people and requires little recovery time.  When certain topical serums or creams are used, the microneedling improves the skin's ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients.  

According to the FDA, there are two types of microneedling.  The first is medical which is when microneedles with needles longer than 0.3mm and must be done in a doctor’s office or the office of a properly trained professional. A medical microneedling can run between $250 and $1000 for each visit.

The other type of microneedling is the cosmetic needling in which needles are only between 0.1 and 0.3 mm. These are the ones you find sold by Amazon and other places. These can be every day but one should not apply anything after their use unless it is rated for use with the microneedles.

Unfortunately, these small needles can open the skin to possible irritation and infection.  In addition, not all derma-rollers have been approved by the FDA so it is important to buy one that has been OK’d by them.  Costs for one to use at home can range from $20 to $120.  It is strongly recommended that if you buy a derma-roller to use at home, get some training from a professional so you do it correctly.  

Make sure your face is clean when you use a derma-roller and clean it properly after use.  If any of the needles are bent or out of alignment, get a new one because you do not want to damage your face.  Yes, I use one at home but not every day, only a couple times a week.  I’ve noticed my face absorbs the serums I use on my face.  Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear.

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