Friday, December 10, 2021

Eyelash Extensions


Up until recently, I'd never heard of eyelash extensions.  I've heard of hair extensions but I never knew they'd come up with one for eyelashes.  Eyelash extensions are a way of ending up with awesome eyelashes without undergoing eyelash transplants, lash lifts, or using tons of mascara everyday. 

Eyelash extensions are the application of semi permanent eyelashes made out of lightweight synthetic lashes, faux mink, real mink or silk that are applied lash by lash to your own lashes. The process uses a semi-permanent glue that was specially formulated so it sticks but does not irritate or damage the natural lashes.  In addition, the individual lashes are directly attached to the lashes themselves.

When done, your lashes should be more full, be longer, and are lifted so they look great even without mascara. The number of lashes applied to the natural eyelash determines the final look.  The more lashes applied, the thicker and more dramatic the final look.   The average person has between 80 and 140 lashes applied to each eye and the lashes are between 6 and 18 mm long because different lengths must be used to create the best look. For a thicker look, more than one lash can be applied to each natural lash.  Furthermore, when you use extensions, you can customize the look so you get the effect you crave. 

When you go in to get lash extensions, you'll choose the length, the amount of curl, and the number of lashes for each cluster.  It is recommended that you get lashes that are 3 to 5 mm longer than your natural length and you have to decide on the thickness of each lash but you have to balance thickness with weight.  You'll also have to select the amount of curl ranging from natural to quite curly or lifted. The final thing is number of lashes so do you want one lash applied to one lash or a fan of three lashes to one lash.  

As far as the time commitment, it takes between one and two hours lying down so the lashes can be applied.   Lashes cost between $100 and $600 but be aware they last about six weeks but it is recommended you go in every two or three weeks to have the sparse areas filled in.  If you want the lashes to last longer, it is important to use a lash conditioner.

Once the extensions are installed, it is important to avoid water to give the glue holding the lashes in place, a chance to fully dry.  It is also recommended that you do not curl them with a mechanical curler because it can cause the lashes to break. Or use mascara because the mascara can be difficult to remove and in the process of removing the mascara, the lashes might be damaged.  If you have to use mascara, use one that is easy to remove. In addition, do not use oil based products or cleansers because you want to give your lashes a chance to stick properly.

If you are concerned that using extensions might hurt your eyelashes, the answer is no they do not but damage can occur if they are not properly installed, or if the wrong type of lash is used. For instance, if too many lashes are applied, they will shed sooner or if you rub your eyes, you'll cause eyelash breakage. Furthermore, change your sleeping position to your side and use a silk or satin pillowcase since cotton can tug at your lashes when they catch.

Finally, if you decide to go this way, make sure you find an experienced technician who is certified and possibly liscensed depending on the requirements of your state.  You want someone who knows what they are doing, can make recommendations for the right combination of factors for your eyelash extensions and who will advise you properly on aftercare.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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