Wednesday, December 8, 2021

What Is A Lash Lift?


On Monday, I discussed eye lash transplants which are quite expensive, and a possibility if you want something more permanent but it's not the only way to improve your eye lashes. Some women have lashes that are so awesome, especially when mascara is applied but others need a bit extra help even after the mascara is put on. 

One way to improve your eye lashes is by using a lash lift because lashes normally grow out rather than up which makes the lashes look better when they point upwards. Basically a lash lift is actually perming your lashes by lifting them while curling lashes for a better look. The lash lift goes from the bottom or root area up to the ends so their length is more noticeable. The process uses a lifting solution and a tiny curling rod to lift the eye lashes. 

There are two types of lash lifts you might have done.  The first is like a regular perm and the other is used a keratin solution for healthier results.  Now if you get the traditional lash lift done, you'll begin by having a consultation with the licensed professional to determine the eye of of lash style you want because that determines the size and shape of the curling rod. Then the area around the eyelashes are cleaned and the lashes are placed around a silicon rod and attached with adhesive so they stick while you lie on a bed with your eyes closed.

When everything is just right, a lifting  lotion is applied to the lashes which encourages the lashes to mold themselves to the rod. The process is finished when a setting lotion is applied which sets the final shape of the lashes.  The whole process takes between 45 and 60 minutes.  Many salons require people to have a patch test done two days before the appointment to make sure there is no possibility of a reaction.

On the other hand, the keratin method is almost the same.  The eyes are closed and silicon pads are placed on the eye lid.  The lashes are lifted so a serum that breaks down the protein in the eyelashes just before the lashes are molded to the pads.  Then a keratin based setting solution is applied which begins to restore and condition the lashes.  The lashes are tinted at this point before the lashes are removed from the shields and the lashes are coated in pure keratin as the last step. 

Either way, it is recommended you avoid having water, makeup, or anything else touch your eye lashes for the first day or using mascara for the first 48 hours after the process is completed so the curl remains.  In addition, lashes should look great for four to six weeks depending on how fast your lashes grow.  It is recommended women use a lash oil on the lashes to nourish them. Furthermore, they should not use waterproof mascara because it dries the lashes out which can lead to broken eye lashes. 

This process cannot be done if the lashes are shorter than 4mm long.  It is recommended women tint their lashes when they get the lash lift so that your lashes are darker and you look like you just woke up. The cost is between $100 and $175 so its not bad. Come Friday, I'll discuss eyelash extensions so you have knowledge of the three choices for lashes.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a good day.

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