Wednesday, December 22, 2021

The Different Types Of Mascara

The other day, I needed to pick up some mascara.  I usually buy one type because I like it to add a bit of color and thickness but not too much.  As I stood there, I looked at so many different types and decided I would check out the different types.  

Before we look at the different types of mascara, we'll look at how they come.  It is possible to find a powder mascara which is dry and you add a few drops of water to it so you can use a wand to apply it to your lashes.  There is creme mascara which can smudge thus requires a special applicator. Finally is the liquid mascara which is the most common form and easily found.  I'm looking at six different types of liquid mascara today.

First is the lash lengthening mascara which is designed to extend your natural lashes.  This type of mascara contains polymers made up of nylon and rayon which bind to the tips of a persons eyelashes.  The wand has dense bristles so that the mascara covers the lashes thickly. To get the best results one should use two coats so your lashes look their best.

Second is the thickening or volumizing mascara which adds volume to your lashes, especially thin or sparse lashes, so you don't look like you are wearing fake eyelashes. This type of mascara contains waxes, silicone polymers, and pigments designed to make lashes look darker and fuller. A good way to apply this type of mascara is to move the wand side to side at the base of the lashes before sweeping upwards if you want fullness all the way up.  Otherwise, just apply it to the base.

Third is the curling mascara which helps curl your eyelashes so your eyes look bigger.  The mascara has a thicker consistency and contains filming polymers that tend to contract after they are applied to the lashes. This mascara allows the eyelashes shrink and curl. The curved line of the mascara wand helps the polymers curl the lashes.

Fourth is the waterproof and smudgeproof mascara. One important thing about waterproof mascara is that it does not be reapplied throughout the day because it is designed to be used once.  Waterproof mascara contains wax-oil, mineral oils, and waxes which keep the mascara from interacting with liquid so it doesn't run and stays on the lashes. Unfortunately, waterproof mascara can dry out your lashes so don't use it all the time. When you are ready to remove the mascara, you need to take a cotton pad and add a good makeup remover that is safe to use around the eyes.  Hold the pad on your eyes to give the liquid a chance to breakdown the ingredients of the mascara before gently wiping it away.

Fifth is the non-clumping mascara which is the one that gives the most natural look while adding definition to the lashes. This mascara contains glycerin and silk extracts to keep it from clumping. The wand has long bristles that help apply the mascara evenly across your lashes but do not provide as much volume or length as the other types.  This is the type to wear if you want a more natural look.

Sixth is the lash defining mascara which provides both volume and thickness to your lashes because it spreads evenly across the lashes. This type of mascara has strong pigments for color, filmifying polymers for thickness, and rayon or nylon fibers for added length. 

So with this knowledge, one can find the mascara that is best suited to make your eyelashes look their best.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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